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I’m excited to announce that Bizible now has full-funnel custom attribution modeling, which is the first and only B2B custom modeling backed by machine learning. This has long been our most requested feature and one that shows just how far B2B marketing measurement has come in just a few years.

While Bizible works well for most organizations out of the box, custom modeling will enable more sophisticated companies to define what matters most to the deal and modify how much credit should go to that marketing touchpoint. The modeling supports the complete buying journey including anonymous top of the funnel visits, all lead stages, all opportunity stages to closed-won, and it includes attribution for customer marketing such as upsells and expansions. 

Developing your custom attribution model can be daunting, so customers won’t need to go at it alone. Bizible’s machine learning algorithm will automatically recommend the ideal model based on the specified stages, historical conversion performance, and marketing’s ability to move deals forward during that stage of the buying journey. 

Here's what Russell Banzon, Demand Generation Manager at Inkling had to say: "Custom models allow us to change our attribution data to truly match our business. It's important that we create a model that matches a long sales cycle, a large number of touchpoints to close, and multiple contacts within an account. Every business is different, so it's incredibly important to have the flexibility to make the model that works for you."

Setup is easy as well, just select the stages that matter most and set the percentages.


We believe strongly in making the insights Bizible provides accessible, so custom attribution modeling data is available in both external dashboards as well as the CRM. This enables everyone on the marketing team to understand performance for everything from keywords to conferences.

Understanding marketing performance on revenue has long been a challenge for so many companies. This update makes it easier for companies to ditch the legacy MQL method of measurement and optimization, and instead implement a revenue attribution model that works specifically for them. Here’s just one example of how a custom attribution modeling setup can give appropriate credit to full funnel marketing:


To learn more about how Bizible’s attribution solution can help your organization, please request a demo.