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Bizible is proud to be a founding member of the ABM Leadership Alliancealong with Oracle, Optimizely, Radius, Get Smart Content, LookBook HQ and Demandbase. The goal of this group is to demystify ABM technology and provide B2B marketers with education on how to create the right technology stack to scale and measure their efforts, something we care deeply about.

Over the last year, interest ABM has soared. Just take a look at this Google Trends report from January 2012 to today.

ABM Search Trede

These stats are echoed in Bizible’s 2016 ABM Metrics Report. According to the survey, over 85% of respondents reported that they plan to do more account-based marketing over the next six months.

And as new technologies and strategies emerge to help marketers expand these efforts, there is a greater need for clarity and understanding around how to create and deploy successful ABM within organizations.

That’s where the Alliance comes in.

ABM Future Efforts

The first action from the Alliance comes in the “Building an Account-Based Marketing Technology Stack” e-book. This ebook outlines key technologies that make up an ABM stack , factors to consider when evaluating technology options, and analysis of how each of the layers can help marketers identify, attract, engage, convert and measure activities with their target accounts.

ABM Tech Stack

As we announced last week, B2B marketers can now connect their ABM efforts directly to business outcomes in the same solution where they measure their demand generation marketing. Bizible’s new feature provides ABM capabilities necessary for success, such as lead-to-account mapping and predictive engagement score backed by data science and rounds out the measurement part of the stack for hundreds of companies.

ABM is a movement toward sales and marketing alignment under common goals, and the metrics ABM marketers are tracking need to represent what is most important to the business: the bottom line. And we’re proud to make that reality both through our product and the Alliance.