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Bizible Announces LinkedIn Ads Integration into B2B Marketing Attribution Solution For New Performance Insights

By Aaron Bird
Aug 7, 2017

Bizible, the leader in B2B marketing attribution and planning, is happy to announce that we’ve been included in LinkedIn’s Marketing Partner Program. In addition, we've launched a new integration between Bizible and LinkedIn advertising to deliver the best data and insights for marketing to understand the full-funnel impact of LinkedIn advertising performance, from awareness all the way to revenue.

This new integration enables B2B marketing organizations to save time trafficking ads, collect data that was previously unavailable, and get better insights about LinkedIn advertising performance.

Here’s what one Bizible customer, Joey Ta, a Digital Marketing Manager at Cisco, had to say: "Using Bizible is a must for anyone who wants to measure their LinkedIn ads down to pipeline and revenue generated." He went on to say “The Bizible and LinkedIn integration is extremely helpful in making the optimization process much easier, and I'm now able to quickly optimize ads and report on performance.”


After connecting Bizible and LinkedIn, Bizible automatically tags all Sponsored Content with a special Bizible tracking parameter to measure traffic from posts and merges that marketing data with sales outcomes like leads, opportunities, pipeline, and revenue.

And it goes well beyond tracking, too. In addition, Bizible programmatically pulls in all cost, impression, and click data from LinkedIn on a per campaign and per creative basis in order to make optimizations based on ROI a snap.

Revenue Planner.png

It’s more than measuring the past, though. With Bizible’s Revenue Planning solution, you can now model out the future based on historical data and develop insights into what future investment levels need to be in order to hit and exceed targets.

Some of the primary use cases, in addition to revenue optimization, include:

  1. Full-funnel credit for advertising so you can run ads to open opportunities and receive credit for their impact.
  3. No longer need to tag ads with UTM parameters or manage fields in marketing automation for reporting.
  5. Automatic merging of LinkedIn cost data with sales outcomes for quick ROI optimizations.
  7. Model future LinkedIn advertising spend with the Bizible Revenue Planning solution to understand what future investment levels need to be in order to hit targets.

Bizible was created to provide the best data and insights into B2B marketing performance. With this new integration, we’re continuing that mission and are excited to deliver previously unavailable value to customers.

To learn more about Bizible’s marketing attribution and revenue planning products, please request a demo.

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