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Today, Madison Logic announced a new partnership with Bizible. We’re excited to partner with this leading account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform, and we’ve already seen the value its driving for B2B marketers. Mutual customer PGi makes intelligent marketing investment decisions by using Bizible to attribute revenue to their Madison Logic efforts. This partnership represents the beginning of many exciting things for Bizible, namely:

  1. Partnering with the first of many ABM platforms. At Bizible, we pride ourselves on accurate, complete data, and the only way to ensure accurate and complete data is to remain neutral. Bizible measures ABM platforms in the same fashion, letting the data speak for itself and ensuring an apples-to-apples comparison when our customer combine data from different sources to create insights. Additionally, we can more easily keep up with platform changes through these partnerships and continue to measure each one accurately.

  2. Measuring marketing execution is our primary strength. When it comes to measuring marketing execution, we believe marketing technology should reduce the operational work required by marketers, rather than increase it. With these partnerships, we allow marketers to spend less time on logistics and more time on creativity to delight their customers and grow their businesses.

  3. We’ve already seen great success. We already talked about the PGi case study, but it bears repeating that using Bizible to assess the efficacy of the Madison Logic platform worked! By accurately setting up a Madison Logic channel, Bizible attributed revenue to PGi’s ABM efforts and allowed them to realize a 350% ROI on their investment.

  4. Madison Logic customers see great results. Speaking of a 350% ROI, we love seeing how our new partner creates great value for their customers. Seeing these results reinforces the fact that this is a great partnership because it embodies our core value: “Customer first, always.” We’re looking forward to helping many future customers see what value they’re getting from Madison Logic.

  5. We’re already having fun with Madison Logic. Just like people buy from other people in B2B sales, people work with other people in B2B partnerships. Whether it’s talking about measuring ABM in Savannah, teaching a few Bizible folks how to eat oysters after sales training in Seattle, or drinking a nice wine while chatting messaging in Scottsdale, we’re having a wonderful time with the great people at Madison Logic. (They even returned our flash drive loaned at a conference--that’s a sign of good people!)

  6. We work well together. It’s not just our mutual tastes for nice beverages and tasty food--developing mutual messaging and training through this process has been absolutely seamless. At Bizible, our sales team enjoyed having Chris Messina, VP of Partnerships come in to train, and I (personally) hope that their sales team enjoyed my presentation at their kickoff in Savannah! Speaking of which, here's my favorite picture from the trip. That's Tom O’Regan, CEO of Madison Logic on the far right, Jamie Lewis, Director of Business Development at Marketo second from right, and Chris Messina, VP of Partnerships at Madison Logic second from left.

Bizible and Madison Logic team

7. Madison Logic and Bizible share similar values. At Bizible, we have a commitment to diversity, and our goal is to match local demographics, with 50% women (we’re not there yet, but we’re working on it!). Madison Logic shares our commitment to diversity, and they recently wrote a fantastic post about the women of Madison Logic.

This newest partnership builds on our existing partnerships with LinkedInMarketo, and Allocadia, and forms a foundation for future marketing execution partnerships. We’re looking forward to helping many mutual customers measure their Madison Logic and other ABM platform investments. 

In the process of forming these partnerships, we learn a lot about these companies, and we understand what differentiates them from each other, allowing us to help our customers interpret their attribution results. Overall, we think this is the beginning of both forming a beautiful friendship with Madison Logic and increasing our customers’ value from our partner program overall.

Additional information:

Madison Logic And Bizible Partner to Enable Better ROI through ABM