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Today I’m excited to announce that Bizible’s marketing measurement and reporting solution is now available to Microsoft Dynamics customers.

Now we’re bringing that same advanced understanding of marketing performance management to even more marketing teams. Here’s what one Dynamics customer, Kris Constantine at ChemPoint had to say: “With Bizible, we are able to clearly view the buying journey of a customer, see which channels are the most effective, and capitalizing on those learnings.”


According to Forrester, just 1% of leads turn into revenue for the average company. However, when marketing teams measure and optimize for the full-funnel outcomes of their efforts, they gain visibility into real performance, get credit for driving revenue, and better align with the sales team -- all of which improve marketing’s impact on the organization.

If you’re not familiar with Bizible, it tracks all of your digital and offline marketing channels, from keywords to conferences. Additionally, it adjusts to your specific CRM setup and sales and marketing strategy, no matter what that might be, and finally, it keeps you up-to-date on what’s working with proactive insights.

Here are just some of the questions Bizible can answer:

  • Is marketing on track and by how much?
  • What will marketing’s contribution to revenue and ROI be in the future?
  • Which channels are performing the best?
  • How much did marketing contribute to individual deals?
  • Which content is generating new leads vs accelerating pipeline?
  • Which of my ad campaigns and keywords are driving the most revenue?

To learn more about how Bizible’s attribution solution can help your organization, please request a demo or check out the content below.