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I'm proud to announce that Gartner has named Bizible a "Cool Vendor" after analysis by Noah Elkin, Research Director of Multichannel Marketing at Gartner.coolvendor

Elkin finds that today's marketers pay attention to lead management, predictive analytics, and lead scoring, but often overlook attribution.

At Bizible we understand the value that marketers get when they can turn data into customer insights. Data is the raw materials needed for growth and strategic planning. Today, data is to businesses what oil was to the industrial revolution. That's why Bizible has focused on developing features that allow marketers to customize their attribution reporting based on their unique definition of the buyer journey. This includes custom geographic, industry, product line, and buyer segments. 

"Marketers gain a full view of their audience's buying journey across online and offline channels. The company combines multitouch attribution capabilities with predictive analytics, giving users better insight into marketing campaign outcomes," writes Elkin.

From out-of-the-box rule-based attribution models to customized attribution models that use machine learning to optimize the weights assigned to different marketing touchpoints, Bizible offers a clean interface with rapid setup and data onboarding, according to Elkin.

According to Elkin, here's what was most impressive:

The company has achieved considerable traction, signing up 300 customers after just under four years in-market and relatively modest venture funding (approximately $11 million raised to date).

We love press, but we're excited by the momemtum and credibility this brings to the B2B marketing attribution space. If you're looking to connect marketing to revenue, please be sure to request a demo.

Bizible has also recently launched a planning solution with revenue forecasting to help marketing leaders develop predictible marketing plans against chosen revenue targets. Learn more about Revenue Planner and marketing performance management by reading our latest guide below.