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At Bizible, we have an established partner program for paid search agencies and today, we’re happy to announce that we’re extending our partner program to include marketing operations agencies.

That means that marketing ops agencies can now receive the same great benefits as paid search agencies. Including the opportunity to:

  • Generate new business with co-marketing opportunities
  • Earn revenue by referring customers
  • Provide actionable data to clients

As a marketing operations agency, your responsibilities include orchestrating numerous technologies, ensuring data flows between multiple systems, and delivering actionable results to your clients. Bizible’s B2B attribution solution is the perfect complement to this process.

Implementation of Bizible is easy and can be achieved in a matter of days instead of months, it comes with 5 out-of-the-box attribution models, is customizable to meet unique clients needs, and works with existing marketing systems like Salesforce, Marketo, and Pardot.

Customers are increasingly looking for more granular attribution than what is provided in their marketing automation systems. Bizible delivers omni-channel, multi-touch attribution by connecting to Salesforce and integrating with marketing automation systems. Here’s how Perkuto, a Bizible partner, mapped out the technologies for one of its clients:





“Bizible is a very good complement to Marketo and we recommend it to all of our clients that are serious about revenue attribution,” says Alexandre Pelletier, CEO at Perkuto.

With the data from attribution, customers know which marketing efforts are converting and driving revenue. Now that clients can confidently invest money in the outlets that work, they’re more likely to increase spend in marketing campaigns.

Would your clients be interested in granular attribution data on their marketing? Click here to apply!