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Today, I’m happy to announce a Bizible integration with CallTrackingMetrics.

Through this integration, Bizible will now track and report marketing channel and related information for inbound calls in the same way as all other marketing channels.

CallTrackingMetrics call tracking and automation platform serves more than 20,000 organizations in 70 countries and shares Bizible’s goal of helping to make marketing measurement and reporting actionable. I'm excited that through our partnership we're able to integrate CallTrackingMetrics into existing reporting through Bizible.

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For example, say a prospect visits your website for the first time, calls the number on your contact page and then leaves. If they come back a week later and fill out a form, their original visit would be captured via cookies, but the phone call would be missing from attribution data.

Now, with our CallTrackingMetrics integration, the phone call would be a touchpoint and Bizible would attribute it in line with the company’s chosen attribution model. A recording of the call, time and date, are all stored in Salesforce.

call tracking

Additionally, marketers can filter reports by phone call to see the channels that are driving direct traffic and calls. Inbound phone calls now get the credit they deserve and marketers can more accurately report on the offline interactions that impact the buying journey.

To see Bizible in action and learn more about how it can help your organization, please request a demo.