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This is a story about a paid search manager who relentlessly pursued reliable, accurate, revenue-based paid search tracking. It’s a story about a man who put groupthink aside and sought out a reporting solution that revolutionized his company’s approach to PPC campaign attribution. This story has inspired other marketers to join the Pipeline Marketing bandwagon, and it’s been a real shot in the arm for our team here at Bizible.

ClosedOpp, one of our partner agencies, has agreed to be the feature of this article and allow us to share their story.

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Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Rich Norwood, co-founder of ClosedOpp and Pipeline Marketing enthusiast. He’s a man about marketing, and he’s dead set on providing excellent marketing services that directly correlate to revenue generation.

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A Paid Search Manager Pursuing An Impractical Solution

While this was Norwood’s goal early on in his marketing career, it wasn’t always the reality. During the time he worked for a large cloud hosting company, he was shocked when his boss told him that he and his fellow executives didn’t care about AdWords conversion reporting. When Norwood inquired as to why, the response was simply that, when the data had been compared to Salesforce opps reports in the past, there was little to no correlation between the two. As a result, the executive team had deemed the conversion data irrelevant.

This reasoning made sense, of course, but Norwood knew there had to be more to the story. His unrelenting gumption and total disregard for complacency drove him to find a new and improved tracking solution.

It was obvious that manual tracking methods didn’t work to attribute the eventual conversions of leads generated through AdWords. However, Norwood knew that without a way to connect AdWords to Salesforce at a data level, he couldn’t convincingly prove the value of the company’s AdWords spend. So, he went looking for the solution that most marketers would have discounted as impractical.

Finding That Specific Software Application

A software application with the ability to connect AdWords data to conversions in Salesforce had to be on the market somewhere, and Norwood went searching for that service company, knowing full well that his shot in the dark might not hit it’s mark. After trying a few marketing attribution services, Norwood discovered that proper tracking could only occur with API integration between AdWords and Salesforce. And, you guessed it, none of the attribution services he had reached out to had the capacity to do it.

Q&A: What is API Integration?

API integration occurs when software applications are able to connect with each other on a programming interface level. Basically, the programs have to be built to talk to each other. This allows the applications to transfer data without a hitch, creating one smooth set of information that connects seamlessly from start to finish.

Discovering Bizible

Bizible was near the end of the list of attribution services that Norwood was researching, but he soon realized it should have been at the top. Upon investigation, he discovered that Bizible was exactly what he was trying to find, a marketing attribution app with API integration between AdWords and Salesforce. This enables the Bizible app to automatically port over AdWords lead data into Salesforce when those contacts appear in the CRM.

The API integration between AdWords and Salesforce allowed Norwood’s paid search data to be tracked through all touchpoints in their company’s marketing strategy. He was finally able to see which keywords, lead sources, and campaigns generated the most leads, opps, and customers.

Finally, he was able to convincingly demonstrate his paid search strategy’s contribution to the company’s revenue stream. Not only that, but Bizible also informed his strategy regarding which lead sources to focus on, which campaigns to revise, and which keywords to scrap entirely.

This visibility into his paid search strategy was the golden ticket that Norwood was looking for, and his boss and other executives were impressed with the data findings. Paid search was no longer a vague quantity that no one knew how to confidently measure. Postulations were no match against hard data. Norwood was able to validate or disprove assumptions about which keywords and campaigns were ultimately ‘working,’ and his executive superiors were impressed to say the least.

Q&A: How did using Bizible change the way you approached paid search?

Norwood: “We provided detailed reports showing exactly how many leads, opportunities, and wins we convert for our clients, thanks to Bizible. We validate that executives were correct or wrong about their assumptions that certain keywords will work. We are able to be 100% transparent and prove our value through seamless full-funnel reporting.”

Founding ClosedOpp, a Salesforce Focused PPC Agency

After a year of using Bizible as a paid search manager, Norwood realized that there would be considerable demand for a Salesforce focused PPC agency, a paid search service company that specifically worked with clients who used the Salesforce CRM. So, he reached out to Bizible and asked if we would be willing to start a partner program. Of course, we said yes.

Norwood, energized by the potential of his agency plans, moved with his wife and one-year-old child from Dallas, Texas to Seattle, Washington where he co-founded ClosedOpp a Salesforce Focused PPC agency.

Q&A: Why did you chose to go start your own PPC agency?

Norwood: “I knew that our agency could generate exceptional ROI for our clients by using Bizible to leverage Salesforce and AdWords data together,” Norwood said. “This paid search approach gives us instant visibility into what keywords, landing pages, and ads were driving leads, opportunities, and revenue. I knew it would be something that Salesforce clients, specifically, would find very, very helpful.”

From the start, ClosedOpp began to see…

  • High levels of client-agency trust

  • Clients showing off the data to senior management

  • Monthly validation of AdWords success through Salesforce

  • Over 50% growth in opportunities across all clients

  • Over 200% increase in leads across all clients

  • 20% less time discussing rudimentary metrics and more time focusing on business metrics

  • 35% less time reporting (due the the data living in Salesforce), allowing more focus on optimization and results

Q&A: How do your clients specifically benefit from using Bizible?

Norwood: “Bizible gives my clients a major competitive advantage in that they see exactly which keywords cause their best opportunities and deals,” Norwood explained. “The other tools can give you some idea of what is and is not working, but Bizible is the only tool that gets 100% of your data right.”

Norwood went onto say, “If you’re a company considering Bizible, you had better sign up with them, because if your competitors are not already their customers, they will be soon.”