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According to data from the State of Pipeline Marketing Survey 2016, 83.3% of marketers who are using single-touch attribution are doing so because it’s easy to implement or because it is the legacy system.

Essentially, they’re not using it because it gives them an accurate representation of marketing’s impact on revenue, but because it is the status quo.

Sticking with the status quo and delaying the implementation of a more advanced multi-touch attribution solution may seem like the low cost option. You’re not the one making the decision and it’s not like you’re making the data worse by doing nothing.

But in actuality, using single-touch attribution or no attribution at all is the much more costly option.



In a highly competitive environment, what’s the cost of incomplete or even incorrect data? What’s the cost of spending more to fill the top of your funnel with high quality leads? What’s the cost of not growing as fast as your competition?

I’d argue that the cost is quite great.

B2B companies that use multi-touch attribution are able to grow faster, cheaper. They’re able to zero in on the right prospects and engage them efficiently, which leads to greater growth and greater impact on the bottom line.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study of Bizible’s multi-touch attribution solution found an ROI greater than 700%.

It’s pretty simple: companies that aren’t leveraging technologies with that high of a ROI are falling behind their competitors who are.

Greater ROI is just the beginning. If you want to find out the many ways in which multi-touch marketing attribution mitigates the costs of the status quo and helps marketers drive more revenue, check out the ebook