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Words play a vital role in conveying a particular message to someone. Likewise, the content has a pivotal role in digital marketing. It is the soul of any business.

Especially in SEO, content marketing is a valuable and necessary technique. What exactly a company provides and its details are mainly delivered through content.

When a content marketing strategy is effectively implemented, a website can gain valuable traffic which then results in better search rankings. If the content is strong enough to attract a large audience, then you can engage more leads. We can say that content marketing is a leading tool of the entire SEO cycle.

Are you having trouble building a trustworthy relationship with your audience? Here is a collection of smart steps that will lead you on the path to building trust through content marketing.


Outline your Target Audience

In marketing, first and foremost, you must keep your audience in mind. They are the ones for which content is created. So to begin, research must be done to determine your target audience.

If you wish to forge trust in a user, make it clear the content is written for them. What does your reader need? What questions do they have around your industry? Analyzing questions like these will provide you with a clear idea of what your reader expects.

Define your Content Style, Frequency and Location

Once your target audience is outlined, the next step is to determine the content style and its flow. Additionally, make sure you determine the frequency that you’ll create content and the channels you’ll use to promote it. Each of these factors are purely dependent upon your target audience.

The target audience greatly affects the format of the content. Use data to determine the type of content that resonates the best and the style of content that attracts valuable readers.

As you learn the answers to these questions, it makes it easier to determine how often to publish content and which channels receive the most engagement. Style, frequency and location should routinely be tracked and optimized to continue to build trust with your audience. 

Create Quality Content

The success of content is not only determined by the quantity but its quality. Powerful, informative and unique content leads to trust and engagement with readers. 

The points below must be taken into consideration during content creation.


The purpose of content is to provide information to readers. If that content is not easily understood, then there’s not much use for it. The chief goal of delivering information would not be achieved if words are framed in a tricky way.

Simple and accessible content attracts an audience. This attraction may lead to building a strong trustworthy relationship with your target audience. Trust is the main factor in preserving a connection with your audience.

Aim to provide unique and creative content that is easily digestible.

Maintain Consistency

You’ve published content, promoted it and received engagement from a large audience. That’s a great start, but if you go months without creating new content, readers will forget who you are and you’ll have to start at the beginning to re engage them.

To avoid this, it’s necessary to maintain consistency in content publication.

Being consistent will not only be helpful in keeping the reader’s attention, but in attracting new readers as well. An easy way to stay active with publishing, is by creating a content calendar and scheduling posts.

Don’t Advertise, Provide Help

The majority of searches are made with an intention of discovering a relevant answer to their query. Take advantage of this fact and create helpful content that answers those questions.

You must create content with an aim to provide useful information. Avoid writing with the perspective of selling, focus instead on education and you’ll gain more rapport with your audience.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Attracting an extensive reader base is not the end goal. Actually, it is a continuous process which demands efforts to engage them.

For content marketing to be successful, it demands strong user engagement. This can be done by creating unique, interesting and memorable content. Take steps to engage readers and move them through the sales funnel. This can be achieved through CTAs, surveys, content downloads and much more.

Sharing Platforms

In the online world there are a plethora of sharing sites available to promote any business. But not all platforms are created equal. Research should be done to see which platforms will work best for your audience.

Additionally, different types of content perform differently from platform to platform. Facebook might be great for reader surveys, while LinkedIn might be best for infographics. It’s necessary to track content on each platform to see which performs best and delivers high quality leads.

Track and Analyze Results

Accurately tracking your progress is a vital step in any marketing strategy. Knowing what’s working or not allows marketers to optimize the content and channels that work, while cutting the ones that aren’t.

This can be achieved through tracking and reporting results with marketing attribution. As I mentioned earlier, success is determined by quality, not quantity. Attribution allows marketers to see the type of content and the channels that are not only driving leads, but driving high quality leads that convert through the funnel and become customers.

The success of a company or brand is indicated by its growth. Growth is possible when necessary improvements are performed throughout the process. Accurately track and analyze results to achieve growth through content.


The prestige of a company or brand is mainly dependent on trust, and a great way to build trust is through content marketing.

Take the above points into consideration while planning a content strategy and you’ll be on your way to developing trust and building a great relationship with your readers.

Maulik Patel is the managing director at Blurbpoint Media. He has a passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing. In addition, Maulik runs the SEO company, HireSEOAgency, to help businesses with local SEO, link building, content marketing and paid advertising.