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I love Bing Ads. Maybe it’s because I used to work at Microsoft on Bing, but looking at the evidence, Bing Ads is under represented in the world of paid search. 

In this post I’ll walk you through importing your campaigns and sharing some data on how we increased our PPC leads using Bing Ads.  

We previously wrote about why B2B marketers should care about Bing Ads. It provides an overview of why you should give Bing Ads serious consideration if you're a marketer. 

Why is Bing Ads great? It now represents over 32% of the total U.S. search market. Last month Bing crossed 20% share for the first time, improved in part by the renegotiated ad partnership with Yahoo.

In addition, research shows B2B advertisers paid 117% more per click on AdWords than on Bing. That’s a big deal.

Managing campaigns across multiple ad networks can be a pain. But Bing makes it easy with their import feature. This allows you to live in AdWords, making changes in one place, then simply import everything to Bing Ads.

It worked for us.

Despite having nearly 30% market share, being on Bing Ads nearly doubled PPC leads.

Importing Search Campaigns Into Bing Ads

Here's a step-by-step on how to import your AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads

Step 1: Go to Bing, click on Import Campaigns. Yes, it’s in the main navigation.

Step 2: You'll be prompted to connect into your AdWords account. Enter your sign-on information. 

Step 3: Choose the campaigns you want to import. Since there is no display network there is no reason to import remarketing campaigns.

Step 4: Select import options and adjustments. Decide what elements of the campaigns to import and how you’d like Bing to treat bids, URLs, and extensions that may be slightly different than how Bing handles them.

Once you click Import, Bing Ads will do its magic. You'll see a loading screen. Our small account imports in just a few seconds. 

Step 5: Resolve any compatibility issues. The tool will walk you through all potential changes you may need to make to continue.

Bing Ads isn’t perfect, so a few things I watch out for when importing:

1) I always turn off syndication, mostly because I don’t want to go through the process of reviewing placements and adding exclusions.

2) Bing Ads doesn’t yet support Upgraded URLs, but it’s coming soon. Take caution when importing Upgraded URLs and be prepared to ensure URLs manually.

Bonus: Bizible’s Free Auto-Tagging Tool For Bing Ads

You can tag your campaigns with UTM parameters using our free auto-tagging tool. We’ve made it easy (and free) to track your Bing campaigns whether you’re using Google Analytics or other tools.

Results: We Nearly Doubled Our PPC Leads

After running ads on Bing for some time now, we’ve found that it increased our leads 82%.

Pipeline marketing managers know it’s not just about lead generation, so here’s an actual screenshot of our paid search campaigns in Bizible’s paid search dashboard for Salesforce. It shows how many sales opportunities we generated and has a positive ROI (and a lot of deals are still in the pipeline).

Even more, even though it's a small sample, Bing Ads over this time period generated 2 opportunities to Google's 3.

If you’re running paid search then you need to get on Bing Ads. It's an easy opportunity to reach a different buyer segment and get real return on your ad spend.