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Marketers are constantly inundated with new tips and tricks that will help them be successful. It seems like every year there is a new trend that infiltrates the conversation at networking events, conferences, in blog posts and in marketing meetings.

Those trends are usually followed by the development of new technologies that support execution of said trend-du-jour.

While new tactics and methods of execution may improve your marketing performance, Marketers need only one thing to be truly successful. It’s not a buzzword. It’s not a new marketing technology. It’s not pretty visualizations.

“The only thing that matters for marketing is driving revenue. And the only marketers than can understand how to drive revenue are the ones who know the ROI,” says Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Siftrock.

No Secret Weapons

Marketing is a field that is always changing and evolving. What works right now, may not work next year, or even next month. For this reason, there’s immense pressure on marketers to stay ahead of the curve and execute on the latest developments.

Marketers shoot around like pinballs from a trend, to tactic, to buzzword, back to trend, trying any and everything that claims to be successful in marketing.

There are even hoards of marketing technologies to help you execute on each of the above. Based on Scott Brinker’s MarTech Supergraphic, in just three years from 2014 to 2017, the number of marketing technologies has grown 5x.


You can do ABM or Demand Gen, or video marketing or [insert buzzword here], or pay the highest price for the best new martech, and read every book and blog post about your industry… and still not be a successful marketer.

Successful marketers don’t just execute. They test and measure and prove the value of that execution. And if the value isn’t there, they learn and make adjustments.

You can get thousands of contacts to click your link by creating a fun video, but what does that actually mean if you’re not closing hundreds of them as customers? Is your time (shooting and editing) and money (camera and software) better spent somewhere else?

Successful marketers know the answers to these questions because they know the efforts that drive revenue.

Revenue is the Ultimate Goal

All this is not to say that new tactics and martech aren’t beneficial. They are. But ultimately, success lies in the simple, most basic thing-- know the ROI of what you do.

Find what works and optimize it for revenue.

The only way you truly know what works, is if you know the ROI it provides. The only way to attribute revenue and find your true ROI is with Marketing Attribution.

Continue to grow your industry knowledge, implement new tactics and try out the latest trends. Use technologies from the martech supergraphic to help you execute faster and with more accuracy.

But, as these trends and tactics and martech ebb and flow, reporting ROI will remain.

Revenue will always be meaningful.