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The ability to continuously produce rich content comes down to productivity. Now more than ever marketers want to improve their content marketing workflow.

Great content requires a lot of listening. Great content requires staying current on topics your target audience is interested in. Great content requires measuring performance.

That’s a lot of information to take into account. So it’s important to discuss how content marketers can access the most important information, and do so in an efficient manner. That’s productivity.

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I asked William Wickey, content marketing manager at LeadGenius, to tell me about his workflow.

If you’re curious how to be efficient in creating successful content, then keep reading because Wickey is an expert in new media and lean marketing. He’s a sharp marketer who blogs about brainy topics.

I asked Wickey about B2B blogging, how he uses content reposting to deliver the most relevant content to audiences, and how he uses performance measurement to identify the best topics to pursue.

Here's the interview:

How does B2B blogging fit with the rest of your marketing strategy?

B2B blogging is the hub of our top-of-funnel content strategy. Blogging helps improve search rankings, facilitates content distribution in other channels such as social media and email marketing, and provides branded context for targeted content.

The LeadGenius blog is the most visible and easily accessible arm of our content strategy. Our intention is to inform and entertain the market at large while drawing qualified customers into deeper conversations about LeadGenius’ services.

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How do you measure B2B content marketing success?

Each morning, I use a custom dashboard to check all the metrics you’d expect - time on site, inbound links, pages per session, social shares, non-branded keyword rankings, landing page views and conversion rates, referral sources, comments, etc. - but, there are ultimately 3 metrics I use to measure content marketing success: unique traffic, subscriber count, and MQL count.

These metrics answer important questions.

  • Unique Site Traffic - Are we are growing awareness and reach at the top of the funnel?

  • Subscriber Count - Are we capturing new, relevant emails for marketing automation?

  • MQL Count - Are our inbound efforts supplying our sales team with enough qualified leads?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with data, so I intentionally limit each step of my marketing funnel to one KPI.

Goals and priorities shift from quarter to quarter, but these 3 metrics will always tell me if LeadGenius’ content marketing as a whole is doing what we need it to do: keep our pipeline full of high quality leads.

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How do you promote B2B content?

Our media mix constantly fluctuates based on seasonality, budget, and an never-ending evaluation of what’s working and what’s not. Paid and organic promotion on LinkedIn and Twitter, paid search, retargeting, outbound email prospecting, and automated email marketing are always in the mix.

Also, with most of our original posts, I use (shown below) to reach out to other bloggers who have written about the same subject in the past, asking them to share or syndicate.


What's the benefit of reposting articles?

Reposting high-quality content with permission is a small piece of our current top-of-the-funnel content strategy, but it’s valuable for a couple reasons:

  • Curate Relevant and Interesting Information

    • At LeadGenius, we work with sales and marketing teams in every industry. That’s a broad spectrum to cover. Reposting is one way to serve our diverse audience with interesting, high-quality content at scale. If content is helpful to our audience, we want to share it with them regardless of whether it’s on our blog or not. If we can repost with permission and make it easier for them to find, all the better.

  • Drive Traffic

    • LinkedIn and Twitter drive the majority of our blog traffic behind organic search. Leveraging reposts significantly increases the volume and variety of content we have to share on social media. The author or company who has allowed us to repurpose their content is also inclined to share our repost on social, exposing LeadGenius to a new, likely relevant, audience.

  • Create Relationships

    • Requesting a repost can be first step in a longer relationship. A repost with attribution almost always benefits the original author more than ourselves. It requires little to no effort on the part of the author and provides them with exposure to a new audience and helpful backlinks. If a repost performs well on our blog, that opens the door for a conversation about original guest posts, webinars, affiliate programs, syndicating our content, etc.

  • Free Up In-House Resources

    • Curated content, such as reposts, help us share interesting information with our customers, while allowing us to use our time and in-house resources more effectively. Reposting helps us keep blog post quality and quantity up while we write originals and create content further in other areas of our funnel.

How do you find the most relevant content to repost?

I use two tools to identify content for reposting.

  • RSS aggregator

I monitor about 200 sales and marketing blogs using The Old Reader. I look for broad trends as well as individual pieces that I think would be a value-add to our audience. If something grabs my attention, I will then start following the links.

Each day, I add to the list of people I want to reach out to and then send emails in one batch at the end of the month.

the old reader
  • BuzzSumo

    • Using BuzzSumo, I start with a topic that is relevant to our audience such as B2B lead generation on Twitter, optimizing sales funnels, SDR training, etc. and identify content that has already had proven engagement elsewhere on the web.

About: LeadGenius is a fully managed, customizable B2B lead generation and data enrichment service. LeadGenius uses a combination of technology and human data researchers to supply sales teams with accurate, actionable customer information that cannot be identified by software alone.