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Marketo Summit is upon us and for attendees that means creating a plan to make the most out of the April marketing conference. 

To help you with this we created an infographic guide to Marketo Summit. 

In it, you'll find an overview of the types of sessions offered, how to find our booth, and a list of recommended sessions to attend. 

Overview Of Conference

overview infographic

Using Marketo's session information we created a chart describing the topics covered and the job roles these sessions are relevant to. You can read a deeper description in our previous post covering Marketo Summit sessions to attend

Expo Hall Map

Bizible is creating a unique and fun experience at our booth. We're located near the entrance. Visit our booth and you could win $10,000. Simply roll the dice and you could win. 

Here's a map to help you navigate the expo hall. 

expo hall map

Sessions To Attend

Attend the following sessions to learn about account-based marketing, creating a unique customer experience, and marketing measurement and planning. 

These sessions include customers and partners, many of whom champion connecting marketing to revenue. So there's sure to be a lot to learn about how marketing teams contribute to the bottom line. 

Click the image to enlarge.

sessions to attend crop


Want the entire infographic? Click the image below, save it, and use it to plan your conference. 

marketo summit infographic 2017