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Today, we’re excited to introduce Bizible Discover. It’s our latest product that enables B2B marketers to get the data and insights they need in an easy-to-use interface, so that data and insights can finally be a competitive advantage.


How did we get here?

Over the last year, we’ve talked to hundreds of B2B marketing leaders about their challenges, their priorities, their goals—and how technology is playing a role in all three. It was a fascinating survey of B2B marketing perspectives, and we walked away with three clear learnings:

  1. Marketing teams need better data to make decisions.
  2. Marketing teams need to better understand their customer journeys.
  3. Marketing teams must be (and are increasingly being) held accountable to business outcomes—revenue growth, ROI, etc.

Marketing leaders see data and insights that connect marketing to customer journeys and real outcomes as a significant competitive advantage. If they have the right data, they can make the right decisions, and power more company growth. But despite the massive growth in technology that helps them execute, they feel like they’re still not where they’d like to be in terms of measurement and reporting.

However, we didn’t have all these conversations just to have conversations…

Thus, Bizible Discover

Bizible Discover is a new analytics platform that brings together unparalleled performance data and sleek, intuitive visualizations. With Discover, teams can easily demonstrate impact, identify trends, and improve performance.

Make Confident, Data-Driven Decisions

Nobody feels good about making decisions by gut feeling. While it may have been acceptable in the Don Draper days, in today’s environment, there’s an expectation that decisions are backed by data. Would you ever go to your boss and ask for more budget based on a good feeling? I hope not—because the first thing they’ll ask is for some data to back it up.

                                                                              Overview Board

Discover gives marketers unprecedented insight into what’s impacting the bottom line and what isn’t so that you can confidently make those tough decisions and make the request for more budget.

With pre-built Bizible Boards, marketers instantly get a high-level view of key metrics like revenue, spend, and ROI by channel, subchannel, and campaign. Marketers even get views to measure account-based marketing programs from contacts and accounts touched all the way to revenue.

Additionally, familiar filters and drill-downs allow for granular analysis, such as answering the questions, “From our 2017 Dreamforce campaign, which ad network drove the most revenue? Which had the greatest ROI? And what about for just our EMEA segment?” This type of analysis gives marketing teams the insights they need to make smart decisions and improve effectiveness when planning future campaigns. What kinds of activities should they do next time? Where should they allocate more or less budget?

Discover also enables access to never-before included data, such as ad impression, pageview, and web session data for known and anonymous visitors, right next to attribution data. With this rich data set, marketers can derive deeper insights and make more informed decisions than ever before.

Views For Every Role

When we talked to marketing leaders, many felt like their teams weren’t equipped with the data to always make the right decisions. It wasn’t necessarily their fault; that data didn’t exist in their companies. Content marketers can optimize day and night for clicks and even content downloads, but if they don’t have trustworthy revenue data, they can’t optimize for what really matters.

Discover’s Role-Based views give the entire team the specific data they need, from the CMO to the channel manager. The CMO dashboard enables marketing leaders to easily track and manage the performance of their teams. The Paid Media dashboard gives demand marketers visibility into which channels, campaigns, and even keywords are driving pipeline, revenue, and positive ROI. Discover even includes a dashboard for content marketers, providing granular insight into what content, whether gated or ungated, is moving the needle.

No matter your role, Discover gives you the data and insights you need, and empowers you to maximize success through data-driven execution.

Unparalleled Visibility Into Your Customer Journey

Finally, to enable marketing teams to better understand their customer journey and how their efforts impact it, Discover provides a series of Journey views, including a granular sales velocity view, as well as three views into the sales funnel.The Journey views were designed to help marketers confidently answer questions like, “Which channels and tactics most efficiently move prospects from lead to MQL?” and “Where in my customer journey are prospects stalling out?”


With Discover, marketers will know how long it takes for prospects to progress between every stage, such as from their anonymous first touch to lead, or lead to opp, or negotiation to close based on channel. Do you know if leads convert to opportunities faster if they come from events versus social media versus sales? Or if negotiations happen faster when they come from email marketing versus search? With Discover, these answers are just a few clicks away.

This deep understanding of the customer journey is what sets leading marketing organizations apart. Marketers who can effectively allocate their budgets and optimize their efforts to create frictionless customer journeys can increase their impact and their influence, and power real growth.


No more blind spots in your reporting. No more worrying if you’re double- or triple-counting conversions. No more reporting based on origination or influence. No more bad decisions because you didn’t have the data.

Discover provides unified, normalized EveryTouch attribution data in a powerful and easy-to-use interface. With the right data, you can make the right decisions, and power boundless growth.

On May 15th at 10am PT, our VP of Product Marketing, Jenn Steele, and Discover’s lead PM, Marge Trinh, are going to show you how Discover can help you power more growth by giving you the data and insights you need to make smart decisions. Click here to register for the live webinar.