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If you've been following our blog, you know we're excited to bring back print. 

Fast CMO magazine is a leadership and management magazine for B2B CMOs. Our third issue is launched and you're probably wondering what's inside. 

In our latest issue we had the privilege of learning from six successful business leaders across a variety of industries. We cover topics such as the customer experience, persona development, and brand strategy.

Here's what you'll read about. 

Meet The Contributors To Fast CMO Issue #3

Brooke Skinner Ricketts is CMO of and we learned how  a 20 year-old internet company evolves and stays relevant. Brooke shared with us how she approaches brand measurement, as well as a variety of other topics including changing culture one step at a time. 

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Monu Kalsi is VP of Marketing at Stericycle and shares his perspective on building the backbone needed to create a data-driven marketing culture. When it comes to the common problem of getting time with decision makers in the B2B sales process, data becomes important. Monu explains why in our interview. 

Arya Barirani, CMO at GlobalLogic, shares with us how he approaches positioning and the use of technology to build competitive advantage. GlobalLogic provides engineering services, and we learn how often times it's not about the technology but the unique customer experience that powers growth. 

Doug Vaughan, CMO at 3D Systems, shares with us the go-to-market strategy for an industrial engineering company. Learn how he evaluates buyer readiness and about the 3D printing space. 

Patti Newcomer, Head of Marketing and Analytics at Intuit, discusses how to gather true customer insights by gathering first-hand, primary data. She discusses the need to connect marketing to revenue and demonstrate the impact of marketing. 

Steve Schley, VP of Marketing at CPA Global, shares with us how he develops personas and uses them to drive growth. He also discusses how marketing can better align with sales, too. 

How to Get the Magazine

To download the digital magazine, visit us at FastCMO.comIf you enjoyed the read, then recommend our new publication to marketing leaders near you.