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B2B marketers have long dealt with a black box problem when it comes to understanding how their marketing investments generate revenue. Lengthy sales cycles spanning many touchpoints, multiple decision makers involved in the deal, and offline revenue transactions in the CRM made marketing attribution nearly impossible for B2B marketers for so long.

When we launched Bizible just over 2 years ago, we solved the online marketing attribution problem for B2B marketers. It revolutionized the way B2B companies approach their online marketing strategy. For the first time, B2B companies could see where customers come from and the path customers take through the buying funnel.

But online marketing attribution is only half the equation for B2B companies who invest in offline channels like events.

Today I’m excited to announce we’ve solved the other half of the equation: omni-channel B2B marketing attribution that allows marketers to understand offline multi-touch attribution, from keywords to conferences and everything in between. This is a critical piece to enabling B2B marketers to shift from measuring leads to measuring revenue and adopting pipeline marketing.

For example, say a buyer’s journey begins with LinkedIn as the first anonymous touch, Google Adwords as the lead conversion touch, then a conference event was the touch that led to this company converting to a demo. Bizible is able to line up all these touches -- whether online or offline -- and attribute appropriate revenue credit to each; giving B2B marketers and CMOs a complete view of how their efforts are paying off in terms of business value.

Don’t just take it from me. We had a select group of customers using our new B2B omni-channel attribution features and here’s what they said:

Cori Hemmah, Sr. Manager, Demand Generation at Xamarin: "Bizible has really changed the way we think about our marketing at Xamarin. Omni-channel attribution is a crucial piece to understanding offline and online marketing performance in one view."

Steve, Head of Online Marketing at Optimizely: "It's always been tough to compare the efficacy of online marketing to offline marketing. When it comes to online marketing there is a ton of data about user behavior, but when it comes to offline marketing the data is more limited. That problem may never completely go away, but Bizible's new solution really does make it easier to compare cross-channel marketing performance."

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B2B marketers can now understand how offline channels like events, conferences and outbound calling results on revenue alongside online channels.

One thing I’m most proud about with this release is how easy it is to get started, which we call time to value. Companies can now adopt all of Bizible, including both digital and offline channel attribution, in less than 30 minutes.

There’s been no better time to be in B2B marketing. No longer do B2B marketers need to feel like second class citizens to sales teams, or hack solutions built for B2C that poorly fit B2B needs. Marketers can now understand how much their entire marketing spend contributes to revenue.

I’m truly excited for our customers, our company, and the broader market with this release. We've secured a billboard along the 101 in San Francisco in August and September to tell everyone about it. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!