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We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Bizible Partner Program!

Agencies play an incredibly important role in the success of many companies, providing expertise and commitment to growth. However, for agencies with clients using a CRM, understanding return-on-ad-spend can be a huge challenge. We’ve changed that for in-house marketers. Now we’re changing the game for paid search agencies as well.

Our new program offers paid search agencies an opportunity to partner with us to drive real client success. Bizible unites marketing and sales data to allow agencies to optimize online media for their clients with confidence. With API connections to ad networks such as AdWords, agencies can quickly identify the campaigns and keywords converting to revenue, and control the success of their client’s accounts.

Very simply, companies will spend more money on marketing efforts they know are working. To back this up, we’ve found that our customers actually spend more on paid search once they adopt Bizible. 8% more in just one month to be exact. 

3 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Apply:

1. Generate new business

Get new clients with co-marketing opportunities. From our agency gallery to customer email and co-content there's always an opportunity to get in front of new prospects.

2. Earn a predictable stream of revenue

Earn revenue share for the life of referred customers. 

3. Show the true value of your work

With Bizible you can easily show the value of your work through real ROI data and grow existing accounts with confidence.

We understand the importance of putting customers first and feel the same about our partners. That’s why we are building our product with agencies in mind. To help support our partners and the program we’ve added multi-account access. With multi-account access, agencies can get a full view of how each client’s efforts are performing under one account. This will allow agencies to quickly and easily switch between clients on demand and see the full picture of their efforts in one place.

Do you work at an agency? We’ve love to have you on board and get you more referrals.

Using an agency to manage your media accounts? Send them a link to this post! We’d love to have them join our new program and better serve your optimization needs.

Not currently using a paid search agency? Check out some of our great partners like RenderTribeBigLeap, and ClosedOpp who have already see great client success from our program.