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As an attribution solution, we are in the unique position of having a rich database of marketing data that tells the story of how marketing efforts from all channels turn into varying levels of downstream results, from leads to revenue.

A couple months ago, we published the second annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report, and in this report, we are sharing our data on LinkedIn Ads.


benchmark report


For this report, we partnered with AJ Wilcox, Founder of B2Linked, for his expert analysis of the data as well as how companies are using LinkedIn for marketing.

The data is broken into three industry groups: B2B Software/Saas, B2B Business Services (e.g. IT services, consulting), and B2C industries that have sales teams (e.g. education, finance, healthcare, travel).

The report consists of two parts. In Part 1, we share and discuss LinkedIn’s contribution to three key business metrics -- the percentage of total leads, opportunities, and revenue that were driven by LinkedIn. We will also cover two more key benchmarks in the first section: revenue per lead and revenue per opportunity. In this section, we also segmented the data to look at the performance of ten companies who are using LinkedIn the most, as a proportion of their total marketing. These can serve as an example of LinkedIn’s potential when companies are more experienced with LinkedIn Ads.

Part 2 of the report focuses on the results of a LinkedIn Ads survey that we ran to complement the customer data. The survey focused on marketers’ priorities and experience with LinkedIn Ads.

Here is what is covered in the report:

Part 1: LinkedIn Marketing Data

  • LinkedIn Ads’ Contribution to Business (Leads, Opportunities, Revenue)

  • LinkedIn Revenue Per Lead

  • LinkedIn Revenue Per Opportunity

Part 2: LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Survey Data

  • Firmographics

  • LinkedIn’s Share of the Marketing Budget

  • Goals and Priorities

  • LinkedIn Ads’ Effectiveness