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We've written a decent number of articles on marketing operations. But we don't have a page that aggregates them into a well organized list. So to be as helpful as possible we've compiled 11 blog posts on marketing operations. 

The articles cover a range of topics, from skillsets to develop to predictions on how important the role will become. 

If you're working in marketing operations or are simply interested in knowing the current discussions around the topic, this list is worth a read.

The articles are organized into three sections based on focus areas like high level perspectives, social lists, and skills. Simply click the headline to jump to the article. 

1. Overview and High Level Perpectives 

Why The Next Generation of B2B CMOs Will Come From Marketing Operations



Where do CMOs come from? Before you imagine the origin of the stork flying across the sky carrying a CMO, we provide a better answer. Looking ahead to the future of marketing, here's a list of reasons we believe more CMOs will come from marketing operations.

The 100 Year History Lesson For Marketing Operations

To plan for the future it's often necessary to have a clear understanding of history. In this blog post we give a high level overview of how marketing operations, and the martech industry, came to be what it is today. And importantly how to approach operations to maximize revenue. 

The 4 Types of Marketing Technology Stacks 

As a marketing operations leaders it's important to understand how to think about and manage the marketing technology stack. After looking at 45 martech stacks we observed 4 types, each with different implications for marketing strategies.  

2. Social Lists And Perspectives From Thought Leaders

45 Marketing Operations Leaders You Should Follow


marketing ops


Networking and learning from peers is vital. Today's technology based skillsets mean that a lot of professionals possess unique and useful knowledge that goes unshared. So we compiled a big list of ops professionals you can connect with and learn from. 

8 B2B Martech Experts Share Their Perspective On Marketing Operations

Leaders from brands like DemandBase, Optimizely and Reachfore discuss the role and importance of marketing operations. Hear what leading B2B marketing brands have to say about the importance of operations. 

3. Marketing Operations Skills

4 Important Skills For Marketing Operations Leaders [Webinar]

Here's a recorded webinar packed with helpful tips on developing the necessary skills for marketing ops success. We cover how to decide on marketing technology, how to execute like a scientist and how to deliver the right metrics to stakeholders throughout your organization.   

Four Skills Every Operations Leader Should Master

From organizational skills to reporting set up, here are four additional skills that set you up for success. 

Creating Exceptional Marketing Dashboards


marketing dashboards

Marketing operations encompasses several functions and one of them is making sure that stakeholders have access to the right information, and ensure that information is accurate. This article helps you decide what information should be included in your marketing dashboard.

How To Setup The Core Marketing And Sales Technology Stack


b2b marketing


What's the bare minimum marketing technologies today's B2B organizations need to have in their tech stacks to be set up for success? We answer that in this article. 

How To Use the Scientific Method In Marketing

You're data driven. Now you can also be process driven. Here's a process for asking and answering questions that build knowledge. We outline how to apply the scientific method to your marketing data. 

How To Manage Customer Analytics For Organizational Transformation 

It's all about supporting your marketing team and deliver actionable information to the leadership team. This article describes the information that each level of your marketing team needs in order to improve their performance. 

The Three Major Job Functions of the Marketing Operations Leader

This overview covers the major job functions which marketing ops must be able to succeed in.

Hope these articles are helpful, stay tuned for more marketing operations articles from Bizible.