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The marketing operations profession is BOOMING. LinkedIn shows over 11,000 job openings for “marketing operations” roles, and the average salary for marketing operations managers is nearly $100,000.

It seems like just last year the role was solely about marketing automation and now it’s about so much more. Still though, it’s mostly centered around technologies related to marketing execution. To be fair, it is a big component of marketing operations job responsibilities.

The role is poised for so much more. I truly believe today’s marketing operations managers will be tomorrow’s CMOs. However, to keep the boom going and get to that next level, marketing operations needs to be a lot more than execution.

So what more does marketing operations need to be?

Luckily, the answer is clear. When you think about what marketing teams do there are three main buckets: planning, executing, and measuring. Then the cycle starts all over again.

Marketing operations needs to own the strategic areas of planning and measurement as these are critical to organizational success and both of these functions have a high degree of alignment with management.

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Planning is more than creative development. It includes planning the details of revenue, headcount, and so much more. Essentially this is all about alignment, which marketing operations professionals are very good at.

Measurement goes beyond measuring marketing execution. This is about connecting marketing to the way the rest of the company--including sales, success, finance and even the C-suite--thinks about measurement. And they think about measurement in terms of revenue. 

Marketing should be at the revenue table. The person who gets the team there and deeply understands why it matters (and how to do it) will have a good chance at being a leader in the organization.

Think about the workflow of marketing: planning, execution, and measurement. Which aspects do you own?