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In addition to being a VP of Marketing at Bizible, I am incredibly passionate about marketing operations. So this year I founded a trade association and community dedicated to the marketing operations role. 

The mission of is to educate and support the marketing operations profession, which is why I’m excited to release the first ever Marketing Operations Salary Benchmark report. It's a survey of our members.

Salary benchmark reports can be incredibly powerful, especially for new roles where benchmarking tools (used by your HR department) may be bucketing related roles together or ignoring marketing operations altogether.

Before I share some results, help me make the next one even better by filling out the 2018 edition survey. Click the banner below to take it. 

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We’re targeting 300 people in 2018 so we can do a number of pivots. I'm especially interested in comparing salaries across different cities in the US.

Let’s dig into the 2017 results now.

How Does Compensation Compare Across Job Levels?

For the first chart, we look at the expected compensation by reported job level. As with all the expected compensation charts in this report, it includes base salary plus expected variable compensation. As you might expect, the pay increases with more senior job titles, at approximately 33% more than the previous level.

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Expected Compensation, In-House vs. Agency Marketing Operations Professionals

Is there a difference between in-house and agency professionals for expected compensation? I am not surprised to see agencies paying slightly more for talent than in-house. Being in marketing for a long time I have found this to consistently hold up with in-house often offering better benefits and work/life balance.

expected compensation marketing operations professionals agency vs in house web 2_0.

Impact Of Marketing Automation Specialization On Compensation

Does specializing in a marketing automation system mean higher expected compensation? The answer to this question can be especially helpful for those new in their careers and picking an area of specialization.

The survey found that Eloqua specialization slightly edged out Marketo and Hubspot. Eloqua also tends to be for larger organizations, which may account for the difference.

Interestingly, those that did not specialize had a slightly higher salary. Why is that?

When I reviewed the data on this more closely, I found these professionals tend to be more senior and therefore need less specific technology skills.

higher compensation marketing automation specialization marketing ops jobs_0.

Regional Differences In Marketing Operations Compensation

How does expected compensation compare across cities and regions?Compensation obviously varies across regions and a number of people from similar locations took the survey. There are six geographic regions and there were at least 5 survey respondents from each region. 

Marketing Operations Compensation By Region

In addition to regional differences for compensation, the experience levels of survey respondents also varied slightly across the regions, which I suspect accounts for some of this difference. Here are the average years of experience in marketing operations for the respondents in each region:

  • Boston: 8.1 years

  • Portland: 7.0 years

  • San Francisco: 6.0 years

  • Seattle: 4.9 years

  • Canada: 4.6 years

  • Pennsylvania: 6.3 years

I will assume you like to understand how things work (who in marketing ops doesn’t!), so a little on the methodology. This survey ran from May to June and the primary promotion was through the community.

The “Expected Compensation” components of this report were compiled by adding base salary and an expected variable compensation. The survey asked “What is the likelihood you’ll receive your full variable compensation” with a range of 1 - 5, which was used to adjust total potential variable compensation to expected variable compensation.

I hope you found this helpful for your career and I have to thank all those who helped make it happen! Below you'll find a research brief on mapping your marketing operations competencies.