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Thousands of attendees are eagerly anticipating a trip to Vegas for Marketo Summit 2016. Uncovering what “tomorrow’s marketer” will look like is no mean feat. Marketers from across the globe are banding together to listen, learn, contribute, and discover how the mass industry of marketing can evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers.


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What this Year’s Marketo Summit Means For Marketing Technology

Going along with this year’s Marketo Summit theme we wanted to explore the firmographics of the sponsors and exhibitors to get a glimpse of where the future of marketing technology is heading.

We organized the sponsors and exhibitors based on the type of technology or service they provide. This gives us a better understanding of what Marketo Summit attendees can expect and how they can understand the state of marketing technology at the ten thousand foot view.


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We find that the number of exhibitors lean heavily towards the marketing experience category, i.e., the technology that helps marketers deliver a great customer experience. Attendees to Marketo Summit will be able to find the tools that help them deliver various forms of content, personalized web experiences, and online advertising that fill the top of the funnel.

For technology that helps with understanding the entire funnel, there’s the marketing operations category which also has a decent representation at Marketo Summit.

For example, you’ll find marketing attribution technology and mobile analytics vendors.

Whether you care about creating a great online experience or understanding how those experiences are tied to revenue, this year’s Marketo Summit is sure to help attendees navigate the future of marketing.

Marketing Attribution for Tomorrow’s Marketer




Marketing attribution is an integral component of tomorrow’s marketing stack. Data, analytics, and granular tracking will become a necessity for revenue-focused marketing teams.

Transparency and optimization strategies are enhanced by the insights that marketing attribution can provide. Hundreds of marketing teams across the globe are experiencing this new reality. Where are the hot spots for marketing attribution across the United States? Take a look at this attribution heat map and see where the most advanced marketers work today.

Bizible would love for Marketo Summit attendees to experience a new reality when it comes to their marketing data insights. New realities can be challenging, thought provoking, or they can open a plethora of new possibilities -- but they can also be highly entertaining. 

Virtual Reality Headsets at the Bizible Booth -- Try A New Reality


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With the recent release of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset, the Bizible events team has found a way to enhance everyone’s reality -- they just have to stop by our booth. We’ll have Oculus Rift headsets with VR video sequences for anyone and everyone brave enough to step into a new reality.

We’ll also have swag, books, tips, tricks, and information about marketing attribution. For those interested in booking a demo with us, we have exclusive virtual reality gifts for you to take with you. Don’t miss a fantastic opportunity, and make sure you find our fun and friendly Bizible team at Marketo Summit.

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We’re all excited to hear Will Smith, Rachel Platten, Gary Briggs, and other notable keynote speakers. And there are over a hundred sponsors looking forward to the event, poised and ready to meet, greet, eat, and drink with their fellow marketers. It’s bound to be a blast, and our Bizible team is ready in the wings.