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Official Launch of PipelineMarketing.com: A Community Site Dedicated to Revenue-Focused B2B Marketing

By Lauren Frye
Dec 8, 2015
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Marketing is a powerful role within B2B businesses. It is the point man when it comes to demand gen, lead quality and sales enablement, and the marketing team feels the heat when the company doesn't meet its monthly revenue goals.

It’s an art and a science that B2B marketers have been collectively honing, and we’re ready to take that focus a step further.


According to the 2015 State of Pipeline Marketing Report, 52.9% of top-level marketers primarily measure their marketing success using bottom-of-funnel metrics -- metrics that directly impact revenue. Not only that, but studies also show that 70% of B2B marketers feel responsible for driving revenue.

We’re seeing a definite upward trend in the number of marketers who are jumping on the revenue bandwagon, ready to ride alongside the sales team in hard-and-fast dedication to increasing the company’s bottom line.

This is why we are launching PipelineMarketing.com, a B2B marketing community website where revenue-focused B2B marketers can discuss pertinent topics and learn from other marketers who have the same goal in mind -- revenue generation.


Pipeline Marketing Playbooks: Meetup Events For Pipeline Marketers

It’s more than simply a website, however. Community members also have front row access to updates about our Pipeline Marketing Playbooks, meetup groups that gather each month in various major cities across the US. There are several current locations for meetup groups, and summaries, galleries, and future meetup updates will be made available to everyone.

Start Your Own Chapter

If you reside in a city where there is not currently a planned meetup, we encourage you to start your own chapter. For those who would be interested, follow the ‘start chapter’ link, tell us a little bit about yourself, and we’ll get in touch with you to learn more about what you hope to accomplish.

The ‘Story’ Submissions and Discussion Pages


There is loads of content about marketing’s ability to contribute to revenue suspended in the expanse of cyberspace. We want to find it, curate it, and make it available to those (like us!) who are specifically interested in this critical tissue.

If your marketing team has written or discovered an article online pertinent to marketing’s role in revenue generation, we would love to share it with the community.

The Newsletter: Pipeline Marketing Weekly

Because there will be daily additions in the Story feed, we wanted to curate the best of the best for our subscribers’ viewing convenience. Our site moderators, Lauren Frye and Jordan Con, will be collecting the most engaging articles and sending a weekly collection via email. The weekly newsletter will also include a featured meetup summary, as well as tidbits, quotes, stats, or other interesting info that surfaced during the week.

And, be sure to visit the Pipeline Marketing facebook page and give us a ‘like’ to receive more updates about meetups, content stories, and other info!

Join the Pipeline Marketing community, and converse and network with other marketers who have the same goals in mind. Let’s learn how to iterate our processes and improve our skills by supporting each other as we pursue revenue generation as B2B marketers.

Pipeline Marketing

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