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The revenue-focused B2B marketing community site,, has had a fantastic few months on the story feed. A huge thanks to the community members who submitted B2B marketing content and to all those who frequent the site, comment on the stories, and read the articles. It’s gearing up to be be an exciting season of growth moving forward.

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Based on community engagement, we’ve identified the top five stories posted on These are articles that your revenue-focused B2B marketing peers found most helpful, insightful, or noteworthy. If you’ve missed any of these five, trust your peers -- you’ll be glad you took a quick peek.

[1] “Ask Me Anything” with Megan Heuer, VP at SiriusDecisions



Megan Heuer is a VP at SiriusDecisions, and she recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” session on With vast knowledge and experience in account-based marketing, Megan provides expert advice in her answers to smart questions posed by community members. In response to a question about the biggest mistakes ABM marketers tend to make, she explains the importance of knowing your target.  

“One big mistake we see marketers make is not starting with understanding accounts,” Megan says. “If you jump straight to choosing tactics without first looking at who you want to reach and what they care about, you’re missing the big advantage ABM can deliver. This problem is tied for biggest mistake…”

[2] Maybe It’s Time for Marketing to Make a Real Revenue Commit



The Pipeline Marketing community bit down hard on SaaStr founder Jason Lemkin’s article on why marketing should commit to delivering a certain amount of revenue. B2B marketers might be proud of their “lead commit” where they promise to deliver a certain lead volume, but they often don’t venture far enough to embrace a full-fledge commitment to a revenue figure.

“If your VP of Marketing signs up to deliver $Xm in revenue, and not just a few hundred or thousand leads — everything will change,” Jason says. (read more)

[3] Marketing and Sales Alignment: How Great Companies Make It Happen



There’s been a lot of chatter about sales and marketing alignment, but the Pipeline Marketing community was impressed with this comprehensive article from New Breed Marketing. Matthew Buckley shows why a complete view of the marketing and sales pipeline is necessary for cooperation and coordination between these two departments.

After a series of time-proven recommendations for every stage of the funnel, Matthew concludes saying that, “Creating this system and fostering a data-driven marketing and sales culture from an early stage will pay dividends down the road as you’re able to make more educated decisions and grow faster.” (read more)

[4] 7 B2B Marketing Strategies That You Need to Master



Content marketing is a pivotal discipline in any B2B marketing industry. Educational, helpful, insightful, and remarkable content is hard to come by. Content marketer Clement Lim displays his expertise in his robust article on the 7 key elements of any content marketing strategy and provides practical instructions for how to accomplish each one.

“If you’re in B2B,” Clement begins, “you can’t just pump out some blog posts, schedule a bunch of tweets, and hope for the best. Unlike B2C buyers, B2B buyers do not buy on impulse. Instead, B2B buyers are hungry for information and...” (read more)

[5] Where’s B2B Marketing Headed to This Year? [INFOGRAPHIC]



January was chock full of “2016 predictions” articles, and the Pipeline Marketing community had their pick of the lot. This visually engaging infographic rose to the top as the most helpful predictions article for trends in the B2B marketing space.

Among those key predictions, Martech Advisor writer Dennis Syracuse predicts that, “84% of top performing businesses will use marketing automation in 2016, and this year we expect predictive data, aka “intent data,” to be the differentiator as it moves from “nice-to-have” data to data that drives business…” (read more)

These highly practical, peer-approved articles show that revenue-focused B2B marketers remain squarely focused on increasing their department’s capacity to contribute to the bottom line. Jason Lemkin’s article noted that, “For whatever segment of revenue marketing “owns” -- I think it’s time for a true Revenue Commit.”

The Pipeline Marketing community has taken the challenge -- will you? Visit the community site to find more content that serves to help B2B marketers succeed in their commitment to revenue. There are a lot more stories than just these top five articles, and there are lots of opportunities for helpful discussions. For easy updates, subscribe to Pipeline Marketing Weekly and receive the top five stories of every week sent directly to your inbox every Monday morning.