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Hi there, and welcome to the “Are You a Pipeline Marketer?” quiz. Click ‘Start,’ answer the five multiple-choice questions (takes less than a minute), and take a look at your result. You might be surprised what you find out about yourself. And you’ll never know if you don’t try.


This quiz is based on the “5 Stages of a Pipeline Marketer” concept that we shared in an article a few weeks ago.

Use this quiz to identify where you are on the continuum between a Traditional Marketer and a Pipeline Marketer. You may find yourself somewhere in the middle as a Lead Generator, a Demand Generator, or a Revenue Marketer.

Take the Quiz to see if you're a Pipeline Marketer

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While we understand that these stages are somewhat dependent upon the nature of your organization and the budget allocated to your marketing team, it’s safe to say that all marketers should be striving to connect marketing spend to revenue-based ROI.

Regardless of constraints or available resources, the goal remains the same. Marketing doesn’t have to be a guessing game, or an educated gamble where we spin the wheel and hope to win big someday. It doesn’t have to be a game of lead volume or email nurturing conversion rates. Every marketing initiative can be tracked directly to revenue, and every dollar can be traced backwards to the critical marketing touchpoints.

So, are you a Pipeline Marketer? Check out your result and discover the next steps you can take on the road to marketing heroism.