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What an event! Thank you to the speakers, attendees, and of course the ClickZ staff for an amazing event last week. We had great conversions and walked away inspired. 

Bizible CEO Aaron Bird was one of the speakers this year, talking specifically about driving leads over revenue. (We call this pipeline marketing.) In the session, Aaron spoke about:

  • Why marketing and sales disconnect is such a big problem
  • How 99% of leads never convert into a customer
  • Overcoming challenges such as long sales cycles and and revenue attribution
  • Assessing team alignment with our check list
  • Levels of integration along with ways you can connect marketing and sales data (If you use Salesforce, be sure to check out Bizible)

If you missed the session, no worries! ClickZ interviewed Aaron about the highlights of the session, which you can watch here:

And for those who like to click through the slides, here you go!