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8 B2B Email Marketing Tactics Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know About

Email marketers have 3 seconds to capture attention. Emails are a lot like Youtube ads, if you don’t get attention within a few seconds the audience will hit skip. 

Email marketing is even harder than video ads. With email you only get a handful of words. Auditory and visual elements are luxuries email marketers don’t have. 

When it comes to difficult goals like increasing reply rates, detail matters. 

Making small changes and testing to see if they compound into big gains is the mantra for a successful email marketing strategy. So let’s dissect 8 useful tactics in email marketing.

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Damn Good Strategies For Better Demand Generation

On some days the truth hurts. There's no single guideline that provides all the answers for a hyper successful online marketing campaign. It's mix of tried and true methods, experiments and industry specific best practices. It's a lot to think about: expanding the sales funnel and getting leads through faster.

We started pipeline marketing, a community of data and revenue driven B2B marketers, to address a few problems. For example, a Forrester research report finds only 0.75% of leads actually turn into customers.  

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Nailing Your Email Marketing CTR

Youre a marketer who does email marketing. Youve read, over and over, that this is the most intimate form of marketing there is. Its true. Theres something incredibly personal about email - even in this day and age where spam is widespread. The problem is that users have smarter sorting options than they used to. Theyre not willing to sign up to as many email lists and, when they do, your odds of being trashed are high. Heres how to get your emails opened and read.

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