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Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Boomerang Stages, our latest feature to help customers more accurately measure and understand their customer journey.

In a perfect world, every prospect would progress through the funnel exactly as designed. Since in this perfect world we are, of course, executing a perfect marketing strategy, every visitor would be qualified, become a lead, MQL, and then SQL, convert to an opportunity, and then become a customer.

Unfortunately, reality isn’t quite that neat. Many prospects will either filter out of the funnel or stall at a stage, but, to make matters really complex, prospects revert back up the funnel, too.

To handle the reality of long, complex, and non-linear sales cycles, Bizible built Boomerang Stages, an advanced tracking and attribution modeling feature.


With Boomerang Stages, marketers can more accurately understand their non-linear buyer journeys by enabling repeat stage transitions to 1) be represented in funnel measurement, and 2) to be distributed touchpoint credit.

How do Boomerang Stages work?

There are two elements to Boomerang Stages:

First, it enables marketers to track multiple stage transitions to the same stage (e.g., MQL-01, MQL-02, MQL-03). Typically, only the last stage transition occurrence gets tracked.


And second, it enables marketers to distribute touchpoint credit to each stage transition, even when prospects “boomerang” back to previous stages (e.g., MQL → SQL → MQL).

Control your funnel

Bizible gives you control over which stages you want to enable Boomerang Stages for, giving you complete control over your funnel processes.

For example, if you have several opportunity stages, like demo scheduled, demo, decision-maker demo, negotiation, and diligence, you may not want to track repeat transitions for every stage. You may want to enable Boomerang Stages for the demo stage, distributing the demo stage credit to the many different demos, but not the decision-maker demo, because you believe only the last one should receive full credit.

If you have a custom attribution model, Boomerang Stages also lets you customize how the attribution credit is distributed to repeat stages: 100% of the credit can be distributed to the first occurrence, 100% of the credit can be distributed to the last occurrence (the default without Boomerang Stages), or credit can be evenly distributed to each occurrence.

What Boomerang Stages means for you

Bizible gives marketers full visibility into their revenue performance and their true customer journey, and the introduction of Boomerang Stages takes it one more step further. The B2B buyer journey is messy, fluid, and bi-directional, and now B2B marketers can fully understand that journey with granularity.

Accurately distributing touchpoint credit to repeated stage transitions ensures all the efforts that made an impact receive the credit they deserve. And having a funnel that’s not restricted to flowing in one direction means that funnel data is more accurate than ever.

If you want to learn more about Boomerang Stages, contact your account executive or success manager, or click here to request a demo.