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You’re behind in revenue, but most of the quarter is already passed. Typically, marketing says there’s nothing more that can be done and moves to the next quarter. Not at Bizible!

Before we were acquired by Marketo, we found ourselves behind plan with only a month in the quarter. Instead of blaming sales, the marketing team quickly brainstormed a few ideas to make an impact.

One of those ideas, a direct mail campaign to decision makers at open opportunities, paid off big.

In less than a month, the team was able to send 37 customized mailers which cost about $750 in total. The results was $33,000 in extra revenue. Combined with a few other tactics, we beat plan by over 15 percent!

It wasn’t all that clever either, just solid marketing. Our main message is how Bizible helps you grow, so we printed out the Total Economic Impact of Bizible (on recycled paper of course), wrote a custom card, and planted a handful of trees in the recipient's name.

mailer example

The personalized card tied it all together. Here’s one of them:

personalized card

These were sent to get our message in front of decision makers, all before the deal was brought to them by their team.

Additionally, our idea with planting the trees was to tap into emotion -- do good with very little effort -- and also make it something they might share out to their teams in an email or Slack.

Overall we were very happy with the results and hope to make this a regular part of our marketing.