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Here's What Happened After We Hit The Homepage Of GrowthHackers

By Dave Rigotti
Jan 6, 2015
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Quality content gets rewarded. In this case, quality content gets rewarded with massive web traffic and social shares.

In October we hit the front page of GrowthHackers.com, it led to tough numbers to beat for the following month (but we’re not complaining). It set a high bar and taught us a valuable lesson in investing the time necessary to produce compelling content.

GrowthHackers is a community of experiment driven marketers who share and discuss online marketing strategies. We shared our a blog post outlining the results of 4 growth hacking strategies we used to raise $8M in funding. The results were awesome.


How We Got On The Homepage

It was not an accident the post reached the homepage of GrowthHackers.com.

I’ve never put so much time into a post to make sure the examples were not only great, but backed with data. In total, it took me 20 hours over a month to research and write.

Here's what I learned. First, always create AWESOME content. Junk won’t hit the homepage, period. However, tangible and unique examples do. 

Second, we created the content with GrowthHackers.com in mind. It sounds simple, but was critical. You’ll notice the title includes “Growth Hacks,” and a few other keywords to get the GrowthHackers.com community to bite, like “SaaS.”

It Drove LOTS Of Traffic

Once the post was submitted, traffic started coming in almost immediately. In two months, GrowthHackers.com drove nearly 1,200 sessions. Peak traffic was on day 4 at about 400 sessions with it bottoming out quickly:

 Ongoing Exposure Through Twitter

In the two months following, the post was tweeted a total of 56 times by @GrowthHackers and @QualarooInc and these tweets were retweeted a total of 109 times. While it promoted the article and not the blog post directly, that’s a lot of follow up activity past the few days it was on the homepage.

Most Traffic Came Directly From Article Page

Interestingly, the majority of visits (57%) came from the dedicated article page on GrowthHackers.com, which we estimate was the result of all the tweets and the “Top posts this week email” which all led directly to that page. The email was sent on November 3, which happened to be the biggest traffic day.

Much like Google, first page results matter. 37% of visits came from the the first page, 2% came from the second page, and 1% came from the third page.

High-Quality Audience

Not only did GrowthHackers send more than a thousand visitors, but the quality was incredibly high as well. Bounce Rate was 89% better than average, Pages / Session was 14% higher, and Session Duration was 47% higher.

Best of all, it’s looking like it will generate business for us too, making our sales team very happy campers. Traffic from GrowthHackers has lead to 7 leads and over $12,000 in pipeline value.

What I Would Have Done Differently

One big miss was not creating more of a discussion. While it was great to share some of our results, it would have been better to create a dialog between other B2B SaaS marketing leaders. Four hacks very quickly could have turned into dozens of great ideas.

Looking forward we’re making sure our content promotion strategy is further developed, and we continue experimenting with our blog content to maximize leads, opportunities and revenue.

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