SiriusDecisions Summit is one of my favorite B2B marketing events of the year. Not only is it packed with insights from leading industry analysts like Ross Graber, but the amount and quality of networking is completely unmatched. 


In the age of digital marketing, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. That’s why we want to see you at Marketo Summit 2018.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you know events and tradeshows offer a lot of value, not just as a lead driver, but as a way to meet partners, meet customers, and get your message out there. It’s always a lot to take in, so to get the most out of your Marketo Summit experience, consider doing some research on the sessions you want to attend, the booths you want to visit, and the fun experiences you want to have.

What are some of our suggestions you ask? Read below to find out.

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As a marketer, you know you must generate revenue to keep your team and budget off the chopping block. But how you report on revenue makes a significant difference in proving your worth. To report on revenue, marketers turn to more advanced performance reporting, including multi-touch attribution. But even then, not all multi-touch revenue attribution reports show the same value. In this post we’ll clarify the differences between marketing-originated revenue versus marketing-influenced revenue versus true marketing-driven revenue.
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I recently had the pleasure of speaking at SMX West. I focused on my journey from paid media manager to VP of Marketing and how focusing on the outcome of my work along with optimizing for experiences helped my trajectory. I hope you enjoy this blog version of the presentation!

Search engine marketing (SEM) was the original demand generation channel. It was the first digital media channel that made sense for B2B because of its scale and somewhat-OK targeting capabilities (for B2B at least).

However, it’s always been a B2C channel first. Lately there’s been an explosion—or resurgence depending on how you look at it—of B2B-specific channels like ABM, direct mail, and outbound sales development.

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There’s no better way to advance our careers than by learning from our peers. At Bizible our motto is, “Customer first, always,” and this means supporting our customers in the best ways we can. That’s why we launched Fast CMO magazine, it’s a way for us to add value for the senior marketing leaders we serve.

Fast CMO’s content is peer driven, based on interviews with successful CMOs and marketing executives. How do they get value? It’s indispensable to read how marketing leaders across different B2B categories are successfully driving growth.

Today’s marketing leaders are chasing big goals. They are managing growth engines, scaling proven marketing strategies, launching new programs, leading transformation, and managing up, down and sideways--they're also getting teams inspired and running smoothly.

That's a lot!