Bizible & Marketo Attribution Integration

"Bizible fills a big gap in our ability to monitor the success of our campaigns. This, along with amazing support, makes it easy to love them."- Jonathan Brownfield, Marketing Manager



Jonathan Brownfield is the Marketing Manager at Appfolio, a company that specializes in property management software. Appfolio engages in online marketing campaigns with their marketing automation software, Marketo.


Appfolio’s online marketing was bringing leads into Salesforce, but the leads from his SEO and PPC campaigns lacked attribution data inside Salesforce and Marketo. This prevented Jonathan and his team from knowing the ROI that each marketing campaign was bringing his company. Although Marketo does report some attribution data, Jonathan has found that it’s “unreliable, organic search data” and information that you “don’t want to put too much weight on.”


Jonathan found that the best part about Bizible is its easy integration with Marketo for full attribution. All of Bizible’s custom fields inside Salesforce get pushed into Marketo, no problem. Bizible automatically updates the lead source, organic keywords and AdWords data, making Jonathan’s life a lot easier. Basing leads on first click attribution, Bizible allows Jonathan to know exactly where his leads came from and put them into the appropriate program inside Marketo. Marketo has the functionality to populate the lead source and tracking fields, but only if you manually build it up from scratch. Thus, Bizible saves Jonathan hours, if not days, of time and energy. He knows where his leads are coming from and can update his marketing efforts accordingly.

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