Blue Fountain Media

AdWords Optimization for Actual Sales

“Taking the time to identify where our customer base is and then optimizing our marketing channels to target those people is extremely important.”


Austin Paley, Digital Marketer at Blue Fountain Media


Blue Fountain Media is a Digital Marketing Agency based in New York City that focuses on creative and results-driven solutions for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 1000. They were ranked #23 in Crain’s Fastest Growing Companies and have worked with top name brands such as Girl Scouts and Canon. Austin Paley is a digital marketer who was looking to optimize their marketing campaign to target customers geographically. Where Google Analytics fell short, Bizible picked up to give Austin and his team actionable data.


As a part of the online B2B business space, Austin and the corporate marketing team at Blue Fountain Media know the importance of optimizing marketing campaigns for local areas. While Google Analytics and AdWords were giving them insight into where their visitors were geographically located, it wasn’t painting the complete picture.

They needed to find a way to tie their analytics data to their marketing efforts and sales data. Visitors do not always equal customers, making it a key element to find out where actual customers are geographically located. Targeting the wrong leads that were never going to convert into customers is detrimental to company growth and revenue.

"Taking the time to identify where our customer base is and then optimizing our marketing channels to target those people is extremely important," says Paley.


Blue Fountain Media used Bizible attribution data to gain needed insights to optimize their AdWords campaigns for actual sales instead of visitors or conversions. They were then able to cut spending on areas that don’t generate any customers and increase spending on profitable locations. As a result, the company has seen a 52% increase in lead volume and a 15% increase in conversion rates.

With the Bizible data, the Blue Fountain Media team was able to see what country, region, and city each lead came from. They used this powerful data to adjust the geo-targeting of their AdWords campaigns and created location-based keywords to help optimize on-site SEO. By avoiding regions that provided “conversions” according to AdWords, but no actual sales, they were able to make profitable marketing decisions to obtain the highest ROI on AdWords spend.

“At the end of the day, it is this extra step that will help increase a business’ ROI by getting rid of leads that don’t convert,” says Paley.

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