Clients are happier because we can report tangible evidence that everyone trusts.
Rich Norwood
Rich Norwood


ClosedOpp is a PPC agency that works exclusively with clients who use Salesforce. They use Bizible as an integral component of their paid search methodology, and they leverage Salesforce data in order to optimize their paid search channels. Having coined the term “Salesforce-Focused PPC,” their paid search methodology can be considered an agency-based extension of Pipeline Marketing ideology.


In early 2013, Rich Norwood, co-founder of ClosedOpp, knew that he needed more insight into PPC analytics. He and his team had attempted to manually perform the data connection between AdWords conversions and their Salesforce CRM, but had found little to no reliable correlations between the two. They had data from both platforms, but there was no way to connect those two sources to create a comprehensive reporting system from the beginning to the end of a buyer’s journey.

These problems prompted Norwood to begin a search for a software program that could successfully connect Salesforce and AdWords, as he knew such a program would be the only solution to confidently gauge the effectiveness of their paid search campaigns.

But after reaching out to a few attribution companies, Norwood realized that the only workable attribution solution had to be able to support an API integration between AdWords and Salesforce. This was a tall order. At that point, none of the attribution companies he had looked into offered that type of data connection.


Norwood then discovered Bizible, and it was exactly what he had been trying to find. 

“Bizible is the only attribution tool that uses Google AdWords API to connect with Salesforce,” says Norwood. “This gives my clients a major competitive advantage because they can see exactly which keywords generate their best opportunities and deals. The other tools can give you some idea of what is and is not working, but Bizible is the only tool that gets 100% of your data right.”

ClosedOpp partnered with Bizible, and as a Salesforce-focused PPC agency, they began to use Bizible to report on all of their paid search accounts. Instead of vague reports, their agency could provide detailed data revealing the exact number of leads, opps, and wins their AdWords campaigns were converting for their clients. This kind of transparency into an account’s ad spend was a confidence-builder for their clients, and marketing executives were able to see their assumptions tested against hard data.

“Clients are happier because we can report tangible evidence that everyone trusts,” says Norwood.

Norwood was also impressed by the level of customer service that his agency receives from Bizible. Rather than disappearing after the onboarding process, Norwood explains how his team is confident in Bizible because of the ongoing education and support that Bizible provides.

“Bizible culture is built on helping companies be successful,” says Norwood. “You see it when you first sign up. You see it when you onboard. You then see it when you interact with their Customer Success team. Everyone at Bizible wants my clients to be successful. That’s ultimately why we choose them over other integration tools.”

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