Cross Domain Tracking & Reporting All In One Place


Elisabeth O’Brien is a Sr. Marketing Specialist for Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics (CWC-AE), a global aerospace company specializing in system solutions that acquire, consolidate, analyze and record all sensor and avionics data on aircrafts.


The backwards and forwards mapping of leads was very time consuming for Elisabeth and her team. Each month, they had to look at their AdWords Campaign conversions, Google Analytics conversions, and leads created in Salesforce, to try and understand if their investment in AdWords made sense. But the three sources of data were never an exact match, limiting the company to an educated guess.


Bizible has completely eliminated the need for cross checking since all the information is on the lead record inside Salesforce.

“The hour a month of cross checking alone saves us more than 500 euros a year,” O’Brien says. Combined with other cross checking needs, Elisabeth and her team have seen a total cost savings of over 2,000 euros ($2,739 dollars) a year from using the Bizible tool.

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