It's important for us to work with a partner who is as invested in our success as we are.
Mat Rider
Global Director of Digital Marketing
Mat Rider


MongoDB is the most popular modern database, downloaded over 25M times and used by tens of thousands of companies to build modern applications that help harness the power of data. Mat Rider, Global Director of Digital Marketing is in charge of driving high-quality leads and acquisitions through digital channels.

The Sales and Marketing teams at MongoDB partner together from the start to make sure the company is not only acquiring new customers, but keeping them.


Mat and the digital marketing team were tracking and reporting on lead volume, but lacked the insight to be able to identify opportunities within the digital marketing funnel that would improve lead quality and move them faster through the sales funnel.

They wanted to know where they were losing leads in the funnel and which efforts were working to re-engage and convert them.

MongoDB went looking for a solution that would provide granular data on channels, source, keywords and ad copy, to optimize the marketing efforts that were driving high quality leads. Additionally, the solution needed to have ABM capabilities so the marketing team could measure velocity and if their ABM efforts were improving time to close.

Bizible covered all the bases.


MongoDB now uses Bizible to track all online sources and has integrated the software into its data warehouse to better understand its self-service business. Mat says the team now understands the true value of a channel based on quality, not quantity; where they need to optimize; and how to measure/increase the velocity of leads through the sales funnel.

“Bizible has helped us build out velocity reports in order to understand the time to close and how marketing programs impact that metric,” says Mat.

“We look at the leads and identify the length of time they sit within a specific part of the sales funnel. If a lead has been in the SQL status within a key account and hasn’t made much progress, that is a clear indicator that we should target that account and help move the lead along with educational marketing material and keep MongoDB top of mind. “

Through this process, MongoDB has been able to improve the SQL age in days from 7 to 3 and reduce the SAL age in days by 50%.

MongoDB was able to integrate Bizible into current systems and processes with a simple phone call and had everything up and running in a single day.

“One main area that set Bizible apart is the dedication to customer success and being our partner all the way through the contract process, implementation and supporting our ongoing programs,” he says.

“It is important for us to work with a partner who is as invested in our success as we are.“

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