PPC Optimization on Keyword Buys


Zach Beatty is the Acquisition Marketing Manager at Offerpop, a SaaS company that helps marketers launch powerful social marketing campaigns to reach consumers.


Look-up tables and lead volume reports were all that Zach and his team had to track their marketing efforts. He found that the data did not easily sync up and it was a challenge to get it all into one place. He needed a way to ensure that his marketing budget was actually being spent on the right programs.


With Bizible, the team at Offerpop was able to see the actual ROI of its AdWords campaigns and keywords. As a result, they were able to justify spending money on high-cost keywords, as they were, in-fact, bringing in larger, more qualified leads. They changed their AdWords strategy to continue running high-cost keywords, using Bizible keyword reports to ensure this output is continually produced.

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