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Tying AdWords To Revenue To Drive B2C Leads


The Company

Apollo Group's subsidiary Open Colleges is Australia’s leading digital educator offering over 150 flexible online courses. The organization focuses its business model around rapid growth and increased scalability and has tripled in size each year for the past three years, doubling their sales team each year since 2011. In an effort to optimize their marketing investments to match its business model, the team was tasked with streamlining their web and marketing systems.


Open Colleges runs a classic digital marketing mix, bidding on hundreds of thousands of keywords through Google AdWords. The marketing team was using several tools to try to answer the “what’s working?” question and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The biggest problem was that the team made marketing decisions based on approximations with no concrete data to back up their assumptions.

Marco Ciccone, Head of Digital Acquisition, says the team was trying to understand more about its students, “their behavior, how they interact with our media, and ultimately trying to find the best way to allocate our budget across all marketing channels.”

So they went looking for a centralized source of measurement that would track every touchpoint from the first interaction on the website, until the contact became a student.


Through multiple Bizible features, Open Colleges was able to optimize paid search spend, understand their leads' online behavior, and increase spend on keywords that they know are strong revenue generators. Bizible filled in the gaps in the company's marketing data.

For example, Ciccone says some campaigns had a high CPL, so just looking at media it could be assumed that these campaigns were unprofitable. However, after implementing and tracking with Bizible, it was revealed those campaigns actually had a high sales conversion rate and were producing positive ROI.

Therefore, the team was able to optimize and drive the most profitable leads, instead of just a high volume of leads.

When a prospective student comes onto their site, Ciccone is able to see where they came from (organic, paid, social, etc) and what pages they viewed on the site. This makes it easy for the sales team to pick up the phone and tailor their pitch to each individual lead’s interests.

Additionally, using Bizible reports inside Salesforce, they have been able to cut spending on underperforming keywords and spend more on those that are bringing in revenue, ending the guessing game altogether.

Bottom line: Open Colleges can now see the value that each marketing campaign is having on their overall business revenue and growth. As a result, they have grown lead volume by over 100% while reducing cost per lead acquisition by 15%.

Ciccone says without Bizible’s ability to integrate with Salesforce, the richness of data provided and its tracking of all touchpoints in one place, it would be impossible for Open Colleges to gain a full view of the prospect’s journey.

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