The Sentral Group

Using PPC Keyword Data to Replace Negative Keywords


Eric Wendt is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Sentral Group, one of the largest and most advanced manufactures of cable assemblies in the US.


Like most companies, The Sentral Group spends quite a bit of time marketing on the Internet. They quickly grew tired of wasting money on leads that weren’t a good fit and wanted to find a way to better qualify prospects, saving their sales team time and effort.


With Bizible, The Sentral Group was able to see the keyword that each lead used when searching for their site. With this information, they were able to adjust their negative keywords to include those from unqualified leads. These new changes have saved The Sentral Group a great deal of time and money.

“Negative keywords cost us about $500/month on things that we didn’t want," says Wendt.

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