Bizible’s data warehouse functionality allows us to dig deeper into our attribution data, as well as integrate it with additional internal data sources.
Mervyn Alamgir
Senior Dir. Digital Marketing at TIBCO

TIBCO is a global software company that helps customers from around the world make better decisions by connecting everything, from APIs and systems to devices and people. TIBCO knows that marketing sophisticated software to large companies around the globe is both complex and competitive. In order to do this effectively, the TIBCO marketing team uses a broad mix of channels and programs, including ABM campaigns, to reach new audiences, nurture prospects, and optimize the buyer journey.

“Because we spend across different publishers and invest in programs across brand, non-brand, and ABM programs, we need a granular level of reporting on spend tied to funnel performance,” says Mervyn Alamgir, senior director, digital marketing, TIBCO. “This level of full-funnel, buyer journey data isn’t available in reporting from the CRM, marketing automation, or even legacy attribution solutions.”

Limited visibility

TIBCO struggled with visibility into the buyer journey. Even though the vast majority of its marketing is digital, making effective use of all the data presented a serious challenge. “Our primary obstacle was being able to track the effectiveness of our programs to drive leads through the funnel and generate revenue. Our data was limited to what was available in Salesforce, which was based on last-touch attribution,” explains Alamgir. “The limited data visibility made it impossible for the marketing team to see a huge portion of the journey.”

The buyer journey, revealed

To solve this visibility challenge, TIBCO brought on Bizible Data Warehouse to get comprehensive and granular attribution data that played well with the rest of the company’s data sets.

“Bizible’s data warehouse functionality allows us to dig deeper into our attribution data, as well as integrate it with additional internal data sources. While Bizible (out of the box) and Salesforce reporting provide excellent insights, having access to the raw Bizible data increases the flexibility we have to answer challenging business questions.”

For example, TIBCO incorporates top of the funnel activity (e.g., all sessions and page views) into attribution models and measures web page conversion rates, which offers insights for web optimization and personalization efforts. They also use techniques such as pathing analysis to gain insight into how different content influences the buyer journey.

Finally, TIBCO combines the raw Bizible attribution and cost data with their internal data to do holistic, company-wide ROI analysis (bottom-up and top-down) in order to meet the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders.

Powerful results

With Data Warehouse from Bizible, TIBCO now has full visibility into their buyer journey, which has had a wide range of positive impact. They’ve reallocated program budgets based on down-funnel performance, delivered powerful insights to their sales team, increased credibility in the eyes of the company’s leadership, and more.

“We were leveraging GDN for a lead generation prospecting program as it provided decent CPLs, 80% lower than LinkedIn. However, using Bizible data, we found that the junk rate was much higher and ultimately had very high cost-per-SALs. We then shifted most of the spending from this program to others with lower cost-per-SALs and better lead quality that would convert into opportunities.”

It’s also resulted in greater alignment with their sales team. Because they have a wealth of account-level buyer journey data to slice-and-dice, the marketing team discovers great insights that help the sales team close more deals. “Data Warehouse enables us to surface more account-level insights – particularly around website engagement – to our sales teams,” says Alamgir.

Bizible has also helped the TIBCO marketing team prove their value in the organization. “Demonstrating our visibility into the touchpoints of a customer and ability to optimize marketing spend to drive revenue gave us more credibility in the eyes of leadership within sales and finance.”

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