Qualifying Leads with Olark Live Chat


Boris Tsibelman is the Chief Technology Officer at WeSell.com, a company that owns and operates over 16,000 domains from e-Commerce, to Lead Generation, to end-user facing consumer interaction websites.


Like many business professionals, Boris wanted to grow the business and turn more visitors into leads. As a result, he added Olark Live Chat to all their websites because it integrates nicely with Salesforce. While this increased customers by approximately 5%, Boris and his team ran into another problem: Understanding the marketing source of the customers generated by live chat in order to give appropriate credit to those channels.


With Bizible, Boris knows the exact marketing source, location, and device used by the leads that come to his site through live chat. This gives him the needed information to fill in the gaps, tying marketing and closed customers together.

The Bizible data gave him more insight into where leads came from and how qualified each lead was. Boris and his team then evolved their marketing efforts to create more qualified leads, thus increasing their live chat conversion rate and allowing them to make profitable marketing decisions based on actual customer information. Since then, chat to closed customer conversion rates have increased by 30%.

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