Salesforce-based SaaS marketing attribution

“Bizible helps us share with the whole team what’s working” - Cori Hemmah



Xamarin is a platform that allows developers to easily create and build mobile apps. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, but has locations in Boston, London, Denmark, and Argentina. Its customers span 120 countries across the globe.


The Xamarin team believes the most important role for marketers is to help drive qualified leads, track which funnel those leads came from, and help the sales team convert those leads into revenue. Cori Hemmah, Head of Demand Gen at Xamarin, says she knew how much the company was spending on different marketing efforts each month, especially on paid search, but had no insight into the customers those efforts were driving.

In essence, their attribution systems weren't providing the level of insights needed, even though they had marketing automation systems in place. 


Bizible solved this problem.

“For example, if you spend $50,000 in a month, you can see down the road that you’re getting $350,000 back from that,” says Hemmah. “Before, we weren’t really able to see exactly when that lead came in and how that revenue was allocated.”

With Bizible, the team is able to see the actual paid search keywords that individuals clicked to find Xamarin. This information gave the company a running start in conversations with customers by allowing the team to see upfront what app platform the customer was interested in.

“We were kind of just picking and choosing what we wanted to spend money on… but now we can see that it was definitely worth it, and we were doing the right thing, and we’re able to make future decisions based on that information,” says Hemmah.

After implementation, the results were instantaneous. Hemmah says Bizible input tons of attribution data into Salesforce and provided the company with insightful, necessary information. “[Bizible] attributes revenue by cohort, which means I get a very clear ROI picture for each month and keyword, so it’s easy to see what we should be spending on.”

With her busy schedule, she is always worried about the time and training needed to learn new software, but because of Bizible’s integration with Salesforce, “it actually just felt like we’ve already had it in our system and didn’t require any training,” she says.

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