View-Through Conversion Attribution

What is view-through conversion attribution?

View-through conversion attribution is an important step in measuring the full impact of a display (banner) ad. When it comes to display advertising, not all of its value is derived from clicks.

Let's say that a person sees your display ad on a blog article. They want to finish reading the article, so they don't click on the ad and continue to scroll by. As soon as they finish the article, they close the tab or navigate away out of habit. Soon after, whether it's 5 seconds or 5 minutes, they remember your brand from the display ad and then find you through Search. Without view-through capabilities, your analytics will show that the visit and subsequent conversions are attributable to Search.

View-through conversion attribution shows you that prior to those web conversions, the user saw a display ad; therefore, some of the credit should go to Display. Although the ad didn't drive a click, it did provide value. View-through attribution helps marketers understand that value.

How does Bizible track and attribute view-through conversions?

With view-through conversion tracking, every time a display ad is served, a Bizible impression pixel is fired. This registers the impression and includes a Bizible User ID (among other things) in the tag. We can then map the Bizible User ID from the impression pixel to the same Bizible User ID when they visit the website in the future.