How To Set Up Advanced Marketing Attribution Inside Marketo

Marketo Multi-Touch Attribution For Advanced Users

The simple reason marketers integrate marketing platforms and do attribution is to get closer to the holy grail: understanding the buyer. Every engagement with content, sales reps and paid media helps you better understand the buyer. When you peice the data together and identify the path your buyer took to discover and purchase your product, you understand where your best leads come from AND how to close them. This is why marketing attribution is so important.

Marketers use Bizible’s integration with Marketo in order to get the most accurate and consistent marketing attribution data.

Together, Marketo and Bizible provide marketing teams with the deepest insights on how marketing activities impact revenue and growth.

Why Attribution Is Best With Both Marketo And Bizible

Integrating Marketo with Bizible fills the data gap between marketing automation and the CRM. Marketo is a leader in providing marketers with efficient ways to manage a variety of marketing campaigns, from email to paid media. To gain the full understanding of how each campaign leads to new opportunities and revenue marketers use both Marketo and Bizible. 

Although Marketo has attribution features, Bizible unlocks the most advanced marketing attribution capabilities available to marketers.

What features do marketers access by using both Bizible and Marketo? First, marketers can connect first anonymous touch data to opportunities and customer data in the CRM. This is key to understanding brand discovery and referral performance. Second, marketers can combine online and offline touchpoints into one timeline. This creates the complete picture of the customer journey. Third, marketers get multi-touch attribution models right out of the box.

Multi-touch attribution models accurately report the ROI of marketing channels and touchpoints.

Multi-touch models track all engagement and distributes revenue automatically to the most important transition points. Multi-touch attribution accurately rolls up all lead touchpoints data into the correct opportunity, telling marketers the revenue influenced or generated as leads transition from opportunity to customer.

Marketo and Bizible together provide the ability to understand how leads generated and nurtured via marketing automation impacts growth and revenue.

How Bizible And Marketo Attribution Works

When you connect Marketo to Salesforce, custom fields are automatically pushed into Marketo. This means lead source, organic keywords and AdWords data are automatically updated. As a result you can make adjustments to marketing spend in real time. 

Bizible puts online and offline data into a single timeline for every lead and opportunity. This gives you complete awareness and insight into every marketing channel. There’s no more second guessing how a buyer found you, which content or channel is influencing marketing qualified leads, or what the ROI of your campaigns are.

Attribution data and reporting inside of Salesforce means marketers already using Salesforce don’t have to learn a new reporting process or become familiar with new dashboards.

Doesn’t Marketo Have An Attribution Solution? 

Marketo does integrate Google AdWords with Salesforce, however there are some key difference between Marketo’s integration and Bizible’s integration.

While Marketo is a leader in lead scoring, lead nurturing and lead generation, Bizible adds to Marketo a complete package that meets the most advanced marketer’s demands for accurate attribution modeling.

Differences include first anonymous touch tracking, online and offline tracking, and multi-touch attribution modeling.

To learned how to get the most insights from your Marketo and Salesforce data, request a demo to learn why Bizible is the final piece of the marketing data puzzle.