“Bizible perfectly ties together our reporting on marketing channel & content performance within Salesforce and Pardot. With Pardot's conversion reporting and Bizible's granular channel attribution tracking, we can paint the full picture.” 

Demand Generation at Chute 


By integrating Bizible’s multi-touch marketing attribution solution with Pardot, you’ll be able to create more granular marketing reports and develop more customized nurturing flows. This page will walk you through how to integrate the two systems.

Create Bizible fields

Navigate to Admin, then click on Prospect Fields
Click + Add Custom Field
Create all the fields you'd like to integrate with Pardot


Map Bizible fields

Under the Admin Menu, click on Custom Objects
Click the button for Add Custom Object



Select the field you’d like to integrate, e.g. bizible2__Bizible_Touchpoint__c



Repeat the process of mapping all your Bizible fields to Pardot. Once complete, you’ll have something that looks like this:



Syncing between Bizible objects and the corresponding custom objects in Pardot will follow the same syncing pattern as any other synced element in Pardot -- they will sync in the background every 10 minutes.

New Bizible object records will sync automatically after the custom object is created and mapped in Pardot. Updates to custom object records will also sync automatically. However, custom objects that were created in Salesforce before the Pardot connector was set up may need to be manually synced -- full database sync will accomplish this.

Pardot integration is included in all Bizible tiers but uses the Custom Object Integration in Pardot which is available as an add-on for Pro and is included in Ultimate editions.