Salesforce for Google AdWords | SFGA

Tracking paid search performance in Salesforce

Salesforce for Google Adwords was a Salesforce feature that allowed users to connect customer data with Adwords and Bing Ads. The feature was discontinued in 2013.

Bizible originally launched in 2013 to replace the Salesforce for Google AdWords feature. The idea has stayed the same, but over the last few years the product has grown considerably. You can still get great paid search information in Salesforce, but can now understand true first click and setup takes just 30 minutes.


One of the other major improvements of Bizible over the Salesforce for Google AdWords feature is Bizible’s own dashboards.

The paid search dashboard for example gives you an actionable view of your accounts by automatically calculates ROI down to the keyword, even accounting for your sales cycle. You can also change the attribution model on the fly to see how first click, lead click, or even advanced models like U-Shaped and W-Shaped affect return.


For every keyword you can drill down to see ROI, projected ROI, and even how many contacts are in each of your stages. Sort by the top and worst performing to make the best optimization decisions.


Our success is shown in our reviews: Bizible has over 135 perfect 5-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. Here are a just a few quotes from hundreds of happy customers:

“We are extremely pleased with Bizible as both an SFGA replacement and as an improvement to our SFDC analytics tools.”

Zach Beatty, Acquisition Marketing Manager, Offerpop

“This is more than a tool. We've integrated Bizible, and their product was easy to understand, was a slam dunk replacement to the original SFDC/Google Adwords Integration.”

Carol Shim, Sr. Manager Enterprise Marketing, J2 Global

“not only has Bizible replaced SFGA, it's improved it”

Shanna Oskin, Director of Marketing, InMotionNow