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Tracking Google Analytics data in Salesforce

Google Analytics can be a powerful data asset for any marketing organization. However, for B2B companies, it only tells half the picture and connecting it to the CRM can provides the full view.

Bizible’s tracking javascript, which lives on your website just like Google Analytics, also connects into Salesforce to provide a direct view to revenue. This includes data you're familiar with such as UTM parameters, marketing  channels, Google AdWords keywords, device, location, and so much more.


So how is Bizible different than just importing Google Analytics into Salesforce?

1) The data Google Analytics pushes is last click only. Bizible will also track anonymous visitors and report their first click source when a lead is created.

2) Bizible includes support for account based and multi-touch attribution, both of which are becoming increasingly more important for B2B companies.

3) Google Analytics offline conversion reporting is limited to 90 days from click to close. If you have any deals that close beyond this window, it won’t be recorded. Bizible looks well beyond 90 days so you can get the most accurate marketing information.

4) Best of all, the Bizible setup process, including integrating Google Analytics and Salesforce, takes just 30 minutes. No custom development work, specs, or having to stress over support.

Our success is shown in our reviews: Bizible has over 135 perfect 5-star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. Here's just one:

“Using Google Analytics alone left us with holes in our understanding and measurement of customer actions, and adding Bizible to the mix helped us to take our understanding of our online customers to the next level.”

Brian, Blue Fountain Media

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