Financial Services Marketing Attribution & Analytics

How Finance and Banking Marketers Reduce Uncertainty When Spending On Marketing and Advertising

The most important moment for finance and banking marketers is when they commit to the idea that marketing is a profit center. When revenue and ROI are seen as the ultimate outcome of marketing, finance and banking professionals make better decisions with their marketing spend. It’s how marketers gain a bigger stake in revenue generation at their organizations.

We created a one page brief summarizing our findings from the State of Pipeline Marketing report to help you understand what your peers in finance and banking are doing to understand where their best leads come from and the most accurate way to measuring the effectiveness of their marketing channels. 

In the brief you'll understand which marketing channels finance and banking marketers are having the most success with, how they measure marketing performance, and how they prioritize marketing investments.

Here's a preview of our findings:

-- 36% of finance and banking marketers say they aren’t using the right attribution model to measure performance.

-- SEO and email marketing are the two channels with the greatest impact on revenue for finance and banking marketers.


 Are you interested in what your peers are doing to gain a bigger stake in revenue generation? Read the brief to find out. 



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